Claudia Dubois
I got Mayhem on a cloudy day
Thu Mar 14, 2019 20:25

Claudia was livid. She was also perspiring more than an agreeable amount as she strode directly from the theater to locate Connor without losing a moment. She fretted as she flitted through the corridors, wondering where to find him, and what in Merlin’s name she would say when she got there. Of all her friends, Claudia trusted Connor the most. She didn’t like to be vulnerable in anyone’s company, but she knew Connor would always support her, no matter what state she was in, nor the nature of the information she confided. He was honest and accepting, and she couldn’t fathom how, or why, he would do and say such reprehensible things to Remington. It was excessively distressing.

Claudia twisted her hands together as she rounded the corner into the Diner. She’d only heard Remy’s side of the story so far, and had very few facts to consider. She knew that Remy had been upset at the party, and had left early. Therefore it was plausible that something - or someone - had upset her. She was aware that Connor didn’t have a high regard for Remington, although she had never considered why. He was perfectly cordial to Magdalena, and even treated Caleb with cool regard, but Claudia couldn’t recall a time when Connor had spoken to Remy (or Marley, recently, for that matter) with the high level of respect he used when speaking to Claudia herself. Of course, these things didn’t automatically make him capable of uttering such revolting insinuations, let alone that spell.

On the brink of tears, Claudia searched the sea of students for Connor. Unable to spy him, she turned on her heel, arriving face to face with Nolan, instead. Claudia realized she must look quite ill, being both pale and flushed - unintentionally mimicking the cerise and ivory of her dress - with moist eyes, but Nolan mercifully did not comment. Instead, he went on to outline something far worse: that Remington had told him about her run in with Connor, too. Claudia was rendered speechless for the second time, and on the same topic. Perhaps interpreting her silence as affront, Nolan elaborated that he didn’t think it was his business, but perhaps it was Claudia’s, because both parties involved were her friends; the last was followed by an altogether improper suggestion - albeit communicated by a shrug and an ambivalent but incriminating "you know" - regarding the particular status of her friendship with Connor, which Claudia was far too vexed to fully admonish. Although she did recall that Remy had said Claudia deserved better, and if her cheeks were not already flushed they surely would have colored at two people drawing the same conclusion within one morning.

“Unfortunately I have just heard of the same incident, related to me by Remington herself,” Claudia informed him, her tone clipped and her countenance a little waspish, but hopefully Nolan would forgive her, under the circumstances. “I am trying to locate Mr Farnon to discuss the matter with him directly,” she added. Then she immediately recalled Connor had mentioned discussing Da-... his younger sibling’s situation with Professor Fell. “Please excuse me.”

Maneuvering around Nolan, Claudia set off again, her heart racing fervently on this revelation that Remy had told Nolan, too. Why? She acknowledged they worked together in class on occasion, but she did not expect them to be so intimate as to share such personal stories. Was she so bent on destroying Connor’s reputation as to insult him to all his friends, or was she so distraught by what had occurred that she felt the need to tell someone, anyone, to ease her pain and prevent it from happening again? Everything about this situation was becoming more fraught. And everyone thinks Connor and I are in some sort of relationship, she thought. She did not think she had been that obvious in her affections, and she had already sternly committed to no further dalliance with Connor. She could do better.

Claudia stalked through the corridors and discovered Connor, as predicted, in the vicinity of the administrative quarters. “Connor John Farnon,” she sternly called his attention as she approached. “There is a matter I wish to discuss with you immediately.” They were not alone in the corridor, and if other students turned their heads curiously in the direction of two Cetus sixth years then Claudia elected to pay them no heed.

Stepping close to her quarry, Claudia lowered her voice, but made no attempt to soften its tone, as she demanded, “I have heard some stories that I hope to Merlin can be explained away in some rational manner, because I cannot believe that Remington would lie to me, or that you could inflict on her those things of which you have been accused.” Brown eyes narrowed a fraction beneath a brow she worked to keep level, to give Connor the full benefit of the doubt while she awaited his version of events. “Forgive my demeanor, but you will understand that I am immensely upset. I insist you tell me this moment of all your dealings with Remy at my birthday party.” Merlin, don't let her cry again now.

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    • That doesn't sound good for me - Connor Farnon, Fri Mar 15 17:31
      Connor wouldn’t go so far as to say that he was having a good day, but it had certainly turned in his favor. He had artfully negotiated a ceasefire with Andrew during Spellwork, and immediately after ... more
      • It doesn't, does it? - Claudia, Sun Mar 17 13:09
        Speaking to Connor so passionately was alien. It was usual for Claudia to make every effort to conceal her emotion as best as was possible when conversing with her like-minded friend, so as to avoid... more
        • It's not looking up - Connor, Sun Mar 17 17:38
          There were a number of useful things that could be flying through Connor’s mind at the moment, but the one he found most prominently present was the argument that no, he had not kissed Claudia.... more
          • There's no knowing where it's going - Claudia, Sun Mar 17 18:15
            He denied it. Connor denied doing those unimaginable things to Remington, and Claudia didn’t know what to think. She could barely believe Connor capable of it, and his expression of horror matched... more
            • You think we'd have learned by now - Connor, Sun Mar 17 21:18
              Connor wouldn’t admit that he was trying not to cry, walking away from the girl who had been his best friend for years. It had just been a truly terrible two days, and this was somehow the worst of... more
              • Round and round and round we go - Claudia, Tue Mar 19 08:33
                Claudia found herself wondering why it was so important to her that Connor liked her. True, he had been an invaluable friend to her since the incident , and she would never forget his unfailing... more
                • This is one hell of a merry-go-round - Connor, Tue Mar 19 12:13
                  If a bolt of lightning had come out of the ceiling of the Admin Quarters, Connor would be a little more crispy but no more surprised than he was now. Actually, he would probably be less surprised;... more
                  • Are there merry-go-rounds in Hell? - Claudia, Sun Mar 24 17:45
                    Confessing to Connor what Jordan had spoken affected Claudia in a markedly negative way: she felt more exposed, more self-conscious than she ever had before in his company (which was a feat, as she’d ... more
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