It's not looking up
Sun Mar 17, 2019 17:38

There were a number of useful things that could be flying through Connor’s mind at the moment, but the one he found most prominently present was the argument that no, he had not kissed Claudia. Claudia had kissed him. For the second time. And Connor had not been willing to argue with it then or now, but it seemed to him patently unfair that he was being accused of doing something so entirely improprietous when he would have never once imagined doing anything of the sort. Well, he had imagined it happening fair enough, but he would never, ever have been so forward as to kiss Claudia unless they were, at the very least, maintaining exclusivity to their friendship in certain ways. Which they most certainly were not, and while Connor absolutely understood Claudia’s reasoning behind it, he did not particularly appreciate being accused of something like that.

It was very clear that there was something very wrong here, and it was even more clear that Remington had orchestrated this entire thing. She had clearly baited him at the party intentionally, and he had been flustered enough by what had occurred during the party game to fall for it.

Now he was standing in the middle of the Administrative Quarters and Claudia was raising her voice at him and accusing him of things and Connor genuinely had no idea how to respond. At least one group of younger students had turned to look at them and if Connor had been at all sure how Claudia would respond, he would have encouraged her to keep her voice down. Then she did drop her voice, and all of a sudden it was much, much worse.

Connor didn’t have to pretend to be horrified at what Claudia was telling him because he very, very definitely was horrified. Not so much that it had happened - he did genuinely feel bad about it at this juncture, and might have even gone so far as to apologize to Remington for it later had she not gone so far in attempting to sabotage the most important relationship he had - but more that Claudia knew about it. It seemed as though Claudia were choosing to believe Remington over him as well, which was also aggressively unfair. He had been friends with Claudia since the very beginning, and Remington had only tripped into their lives last year.

There was a slight prickling in his eyes that he refused to acknowledge as he opted to deny everything.

“I did not,” he said, still looking horrified but keeping his voice even. “And I didn’t tell you later that evening because I didn’t want to upset you while you still had guests to host. But since you have clearly decided to value Remington’s pernicious assertions over our years of friendship, I will leave you to it.” He hadn’t meant to say that last part out loud, but he felt slightly vindicated as he turned around and began stalking off. It wasn’t as though he could reasonably go anywhere that Claudia couldn’t follow, but Connor had absolutely no interest in his life becoming more of a spectacle than it was already about to. He would have thought Claudia, of all people, would understand that.

  • It doesn't, does it? - Claudia, Sun Mar 17 13:09
    Speaking to Connor so passionately was alien. It was usual for Claudia to make every effort to conceal her emotion as best as was possible when conversing with her like-minded friend, so as to avoid... more
    • It's not looking up - Connor, Sun Mar 17 17:38
      • There's no knowing where it's going - Claudia, Sun Mar 17 18:15
        He denied it. Connor denied doing those unimaginable things to Remington, and Claudia didn’t know what to think. She could barely believe Connor capable of it, and his expression of horror matched... more
        • You think we'd have learned by now - Connor, Sun Mar 17 21:18
          Connor wouldn’t admit that he was trying not to cry, walking away from the girl who had been his best friend for years. It had just been a truly terrible two days, and this was somehow the worst of... more
          • Round and round and round we go - Claudia, Tue Mar 19 08:33
            Claudia found herself wondering why it was so important to her that Connor liked her. True, he had been an invaluable friend to her since the incident , and she would never forget his unfailing... more
            • This is one hell of a merry-go-round - Connor, Tue Mar 19 12:13
              If a bolt of lightning had come out of the ceiling of the Admin Quarters, Connor would be a little more crispy but no more surprised than he was now. Actually, he would probably be less surprised;... more
              • Are there merry-go-rounds in Hell? - Claudia, Sun Mar 24 17:45
                Confessing to Connor what Jordan had spoken affected Claudia in a markedly negative way: she felt more exposed, more self-conscious than she ever had before in his company (which was a feat, as she’d ... more
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