You think we'd have learned by now
Sun Mar 17, 2019 21:18

Connor wouldn’t admit that he was trying not to cry, walking away from the girl who had been his best friend for years. It had just been a truly terrible two days, and this was somehow the worst of all of it, if only because it was the least anticipated. Dade had been making questionable choices for years now, and he hadn’t expected to enjoy himself at Claudia’s party - although he had, of course, attended, because he knew how much his presence would mean to her - but he had never exchanged harsh words with Claudia. She had expressed disappointment in him that had briefly led to him distancing himself from her out of respect, but nothing even remotely like this. He had never had a wide circle of friends, but in that moment he felt truly alone for the first time at RMI.

”Connor, wait. I’m sorry.”

For a second, he didn’t know that he was hearing correctly but he turned and there was Claudia, hurrying up to him and telling him that she valued his friendship over anyone else’s. Connor was a little dumbfounded. He hadn’t intended what had been meant as his parting comment to carry any real weight; it had been clear that Claudia believed Remington. Who, in all fairness, was telling the truth. That was admittedly an exceptionally selfish thing to be doing and Connor himself could not believe that even a Mudblood like Remington could be that self-absorbed so as to think that a thing that should be pressing on Claudia’s mind right now of all times was a silly personal dispute that the purported victim herself had started. However, now he felt guilty. There was a distinct difference between leaving information out and downright lying.

It was impossible for him to backtrack now, though, and even though Claudia was nowhere near as put-together as she normally was, Connor couldn’t help but notice how beautiful she was. There were little bits of her hair escaping her braid and she looked rather flushed, but there was just something about her that Connor always admired, that was shining through especially at this moment. He briefly thought back to their kisses and considered how it might feel to do that again. Yes, part of him wanted that experience because it was a natural part of coming of age, but part of him wanted that experience particularly with Claudia because she was just so perfect in every way.

Those thoughts were not productive, though, and he swept them away. Instead, he focused on what Claudia was saying.

“I understand,” Connor said, looking at his friend seriously. “I honestly cannot comprehend what has prompted Remington to push our conflict this far, but I will apologize to her immediately for my part in it.” He paused. “I will send her a note, so as not to aggravate the situation further. I am absolutely devastated that this has affected you as well, and I am deeply sorry for not being more careful to keep my distance from her at your party, and for not speaking with you immediately.”

He took a deep breath. “Claudia, you are my dearest friend and I would regret very deeply any time that we spent apart because of my outburst. I was hurt, but I understand this is an exceptionally stressful situation for you as well.” Connor looked concerned. “It is perfectly understandable if you do not wish to discuss it further, but please - if there is anything I can do, anyone I can speak to about the negativity you encountered over the summer, I will. You are a brilliant, dedicated young witch and I am so fortunate to have you as a friend.”

  • There's no knowing where it's going - Claudia, Sun Mar 17 18:15
    He denied it. Connor denied doing those unimaginable things to Remington, and Claudia didn’t know what to think. She could barely believe Connor capable of it, and his expression of horror matched... more
    • You think we'd have learned by now - Connor, Sun Mar 17 21:18
      • Round and round and round we go - Claudia, Tue Mar 19 08:33
        Claudia found herself wondering why it was so important to her that Connor liked her. True, he had been an invaluable friend to her since the incident , and she would never forget his unfailing... more
        • This is one hell of a merry-go-round - Connor, Tue Mar 19 12:13
          If a bolt of lightning had come out of the ceiling of the Admin Quarters, Connor would be a little more crispy but no more surprised than he was now. Actually, he would probably be less surprised;... more
          • Are there merry-go-rounds in Hell? - Claudia, Sun Mar 24 17:45
            Confessing to Connor what Jordan had spoken affected Claudia in a markedly negative way: she felt more exposed, more self-conscious than she ever had before in his company (which was a feat, as she’d ... more
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