Professor McKindy
I can still impersonate whatever I want!
Wed Feb 1, 2017 17:44

Nonverbal charms were probably the place to start, and Aaron nodded when Francine suggested that. Transfigurations were often more difficult for students for some reason, although for him it had been the exact opposite; transfigurations had always been much easier for him than charms, at least when it came to nonverbal and wandless magic. He always found it easier to concentrate on something shifting shape than on an action. But yes, regardless of his own personal eccentricities, nonverbal charms sounded like a good place for Francine to start. After all, she already was doing pretty well on her Wingardium Leviosa.

“Some people find the ritual reassuring,” Aaron responded to Francine’s hesitation. He certainly had, even though he hadn’t been incredibly pleased with the response. Like most people, he had liked to think his Animagus form would be something well - interesting. A bird of prey, or a large cat, or even some sort of reptile. To find out that his form was as something as mundane as a border collie had been a little disheartening at first, but ultimately Aaron had decided that there were benefits to having a mundane Animaus form and had decided to complete his work despite his reservations. “But wanting to be surprised is perfectly fine! There’s not really one true way to become an Animagus, and a lot of different cultures handle it differently. We can just give our best suggestions when it comes to guiding you down the path you want.

“And yes,” the dark-haired man said with a laugh. “You can pet Circe. She’s very friendly.” Unlike Godric, who was more likely than not to bite whomever tried to pick him up, particularly if they were depriving him of shoelaces or other forms of string with the motion.

Once Francine seemed done being entirely distracted by the silver tabby kitten, Aaron refocused the conversation with another friendly smile. “So a lot of my seventh years who are interested in this use their individual spellwork lesson times to work on doing their Animagus one-on-ones, and then work on spellwork in their free time. We can do that, or we can set up some workshops in addition to what we’ve already got going for spellwork. Do you know which one you’d prefer?”

  • Huh, I thought you were a collie? - Francine, Mon Jan 23 22:06
    Francine was glad Professor McKindy seemed pleased with her little demonstration, or at least, he definitely wasn’t angry. It occurred to her after the fact that maybe she shouldn’t perform magic on... more
    • I can still impersonate whatever I want! - Professor McKindy, Wed Feb 1 17:44
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