Garen Tennant
Finally checking off that bingo square
Sat Apr 13, 2019 21:12

Recently, Garen’s life had involved a surprising amount of clandestine paperwork. It was Madeleine’s idea, after seeing her friends-slash-mentees’ family, and Garen was in full support. But Madeleine wanted it to be a surprise for Aaron, and that made it a little bit harder. Not too much, but Madeleine had a very clear capital-V Vision of what she wanted this to be, and even though she was only ten it was her decision and her idea so Garen was letting her choose.

This, of course, meant that Garen needed to be careful about what he kept in the McKindy-Tennant suite. Fortunately Aaron rarely went to his husband’s office, so Garen could keep all of the paperwork here until he worked out what exactly needed to be signed and by whom.

But right now the paperwork was sitting in a drawer and Garen Tennant was working out the order of acts for the talent show. He liked to mix things up—try to intersperse the songs with martial arts, puppet shows, and whatever else the students wanted to showcase. He found that was better for the audience than just organizing the show by tone. Tycho (and Madeleine) had talked Garen into participating with them. He pleased with their song choice, but at the same time he preemptively dreaded whatever Madeleine would come up with when she was a student.

He had just worked out how to spread out Eugene Hardie’s acts so that the second year had a break when Drew—his Drew, of all people, his somehow fifteen-year-old son—entered the office with a request for help. “Of course,” Garen said, gently, placing the set list aside. He magically pulled the emerald green armchair closer to the couch, and moved from behind the desk to sit in it. Drew had never, not once, not ever come to his office voluntarily since he started as an RMI student just over three years ago. Garen thought that was a good sign: it meant that Drew wasn’t in trouble, or that if he needed guidance, he could go to his advisor Rob. Garen wasn’t wholly convinced about the suitability of Rob as an advisor—he thought Lorraine or Estelle might be more effective, academically—but the important thing was that Rob was someone Drew would be comfortable going to with problems.

But now Drew was here, in Garen’s office, and he was more keyed-up than Garen had ever seen his son before. “Are you asking your dad or your school counselor?” Garen asked. It was a very subtle difference but one he and Drew both knew. Drew didn’t get special treatment when he was talking to the school counselor. When Garen was talking to his son, it was completely different.

  • So it begins [Garen] - Andrew Tennant, Sat Apr 13 14:54
    Drew’s first shot at cohosting a Kendrick party without Marissa had not, overall, gone according to plan. At the beginning of the night he had expected to play some music and eat some food. Probably... more
    • Finally checking off that bingo square - Garen Tennant, Sat Apr 13 21:12
      • It was only a matter of time - Drew, Tue Apr 16 12:01
        Drew held up his hands in a shrug. “Whichever can help me.” He twisted his hands in his lap. “Dad,” he changed his mind. There was no way to tell this story without naming names, and Garen the... more
        • Because it’s harder than I thought - Garen, Thu Apr 25 06:36
          Garen’s heart broke for his son. A fifteen-year-old ( Sondheim, how ? ) shouldn’t feel responsible for his friend’s safety like this. How dare Connor Farnon threaten Drew like this? Never mind his... more
          • Somehow it’s still my turn! - Drew, Fri Apr 26 10:10
            “What good would that do?” It wasn’t like Drew hadn’t thought of that himself. “I mean,” he scrambled to make up for his tone, “sorry, but the staff’s not gonna Obliviate him or put Dakota’s... more
            • What a silly idea - Garen, Sat May 11 14:41
              Garen hated to admit it, but Drew had a point. The staff really couldn’t do anything effective about a student blackmailing another student. Connor had every right to tell his and Dakota’s father... more
              • At least now it’s over - Drew, Wed May 22 17:52
                Drew’s stomach was in knots, and his shoulders were all tensed up, and don’t even get him started on how his hands were fidgeting in his lap. He hadn’t fully realized how worried he was until Dad... more
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