Because it’s harder than I thought
Thu Apr 25, 2019 06:36

Garen’s heart broke for his son. A fifteen-year-old (Sondheim, how?) shouldn’t feel responsible for his friend’s safety like this. How dare Connor Farnon threaten Drew like this? Never mind his threat to his own sibling—Garen could comprehend how someone who didn’t understand Dakota’s situation might want parental involvement, no matter the cost—but how dare Connor make Drew feel like her suffering would be his fault?

He disapproved, but found it very difficult to tell Drew off for jinxing Connor. Garen could honestly say he wouldn’t have done the same in that situation—jinxes had never been his forte, and even in the dueling lessons Aaron had insisted on, Garen defaulted to charming or transfiguring the environment to his advantage rather than using offensive magic—but he understood why Drew had. Not, said a reproachful part of his mind, that that made it acceptable. But right now wasn’t the time to address that.

“You’re not responsible for Dakota,” Garen said gently. “Even if Connor tells his father about her transition, it will be his decision. He could do that whether or not you—er—provoke him.” Garen very quietly resolved to reach out to Rose about getting Dakota emancipated from their father, so she couldn’t be forced back to England or out of RMI. Dakota being free to act independently—or Rose becoming her sister’s legal guardian—might solve a number of problems. Because Garen knew, and had known this whole time, that the accommodations the school was providing Dakota probably should have gone through a parent, but given his understanding of the situation Garen had decided Rose was an acceptable substitute. To the best of the counselor’s knowledge there had been no issues from the Cetus girls’ dorm. For Dakota’s sake he hoped it stayed quiet.

“None of this is your fault. And Drew, if Connor’s blackmailing you, you should tell the staff.” Unfortunately for Drew he was like Garen in this way: they were both always ready to protect the people they cared about. When Garen saw similarities like this it was easy to forget that Drew hadn’t literally inherited traits from his father. But then, there was more than one type of inheritance.

  • It was only a matter of time - Drew, Tue Apr 16 12:01
    Drew held up his hands in a shrug. “Whichever can help me.” He twisted his hands in his lap. “Dad,” he changed his mind. There was no way to tell this story without naming names, and Garen the... more
    • Because it’s harder than I thought - Garen, Thu Apr 25 06:36
      • Somehow it’s still my turn! - Drew, Fri Apr 26 10:10
        “What good would that do?” It wasn’t like Drew hadn’t thought of that himself. “I mean,” he scrambled to make up for his tone, “sorry, but the staff’s not gonna Obliviate him or put Dakota’s... more
        • What a silly idea - Garen, Sat May 11 14:41
          Garen hated to admit it, but Drew had a point. The staff really couldn’t do anything effective about a student blackmailing another student. Connor had every right to tell his and Dakota’s father... more
          • At least now it’s over - Drew, Wed May 22 17:52
            Drew’s stomach was in knots, and his shoulders were all tensed up, and don’t even get him started on how his hands were fidgeting in his lap. He hadn’t fully realized how worried he was until Dad... more
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