Somehow it’s still my turn!
Fri Apr 26, 2019 10:10

“What good would that do?” It wasn’t like Drew hadn’t thought of that himself. “I mean,” he scrambled to make up for his tone, “sorry, but the staff’s not gonna Obliviate him or put Dakota’s transition under a Fidelius or something, so telling on him doesn’t make Dakota any safer. He’ll still know what he knows.” And Drew was a hundred percent sure the staff couldn’t order him to not tell his father something about his sibling. That would be ridiculous. “If anything Connor would just be p—mad that I tattled and then he’d turn around and tell their dad.”

Drew had already thought this part through. It wasn’t like he could prove Connor had blackmailed him, and even if he did, Connor could just point out that Drew had tried to do the same thing back. But even less successfully, unless Connor suddenly had a really good poker face. He hadn’t seemed threatened at all by the idea of Claudia knowing he wanted to date another girl. His own attempt at blackmail was a thing that Drew should probably say here, but also he hadn’t even gotten into last night yet and the idea of disappointing his dad that much was a lot.

Arguably he should have thought of that before coming here. Mostly Drew just wanted advice on how to stop feeling like this, because right now he felt terrible. It wasn’t normal to want to make one of your friends hurt. It wasn’t okay to feel like that.

“And then yesterday,” Drew started, and then stopped from how much he didn’t want to talk about yesterday. He didn’t want to get anyone else in trouble, so he had to be careful. Kit’s party in the secret passageways, for example, was not supposed to be staff knowledge. “This is between us, right?” He waited for confirmation before he kept going. “Okay, so I saw Remy kissing Leo at a… thing, and then DJ came over and… tried to fight Leo,” that was vague enough that it wouldn’t get DJ in trouble, probably. ‘Tried to fight’ wasn’t the same as ‘punched.’ “So I went over to break it up,” he omitted Claudia from the story, figuring she wouldn’t want to be implicated at all. Not that he owed her anything really, but they’d been on the same team yesterday: the Remington Burnham Defense Squad. Drew thought his dad would keep his word, but if people were gonna get hauled into the office for any reason, Drew was keeping that number as small as possible, “and DJ was all upset because apparently he and Remy had kissed before and she rejected him—which I didn’t know about, at all.”

He tried to stress how weird that was. Drew thought Remington would have told him about something like that. She’d gone to him after Malachi stood her up, hadn’t she? And she’d told him about what Connor said to her at Claudia’s party. (Drew had joked about going to punch Connor after that too, but he hadn’t meant it. Well, okay, he’d meant it a little. Connor was an ass. But that feeling was nothing like what he’d felt at the party last night.)

Drew took a deep breath. “And then Remy said she hadn’t wanted him to kiss her that time, that she didn’t consent. And I just… lost it. I hit him.” He couldn’t meet Garen’s eyes so he just looked at his hands, twisted up in his lap like Devil’s Snare. “It was like the time I hit Connor in first year, but worse. I was just so mad, like, there wasn’t room in my brain for anything else. I just wanted to—” But he just couldn’t say that he’d wanted to make DJ hurt. “I’m really sorry, I wish I hadn’t, I just, I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to be someone who thinks punching someone else is okay. Is something wrong with me?”

  • Because it’s harder than I thought - Garen, Thu Apr 25 06:36
    Garen’s heart broke for his son. A fifteen-year-old ( Sondheim, how ? ) shouldn’t feel responsible for his friend’s safety like this. How dare Connor Farnon threaten Drew like this? Never mind his... more
    • Somehow it’s still my turn! - Drew, Fri Apr 26 10:10
      • What a silly idea - Garen, Sat May 11 14:41
        Garen hated to admit it, but Drew had a point. The staff really couldn’t do anything effective about a student blackmailing another student. Connor had every right to tell his and Dakota’s father... more
        • At least now it’s over - Drew, Wed May 22 17:52
          Drew’s stomach was in knots, and his shoulders were all tensed up, and don’t even get him started on how his hands were fidgeting in his lap. He hadn’t fully realized how worried he was until Dad... more
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