At least now it’s over
Wed May 22, 2019 17:52

Drew’s stomach was in knots, and his shoulders were all tensed up, and don’t even get him started on how his hands were fidgeting in his lap. He hadn’t fully realized how worried he was until Dad moved to the couch and put his arm around him and all of those bad things just kind of stopped.

In his life, Drew hadn’t done much to make his dad mad at him. He got pretty good grades, and usually he didn’t get into trouble. Garen had taught him how to play guitar and piano (was still teaching him, really, over the summers, although Drew was good enough to kind of learn things on his own now), and they bonded over music and stuff. Sometimes Dad relied on him to help with Madeleine. When she was in a stubborn mood, Drew and Garen could kind of good cop/bad cop her, and she’d usually come around. Drew had never seen her mad at both of them at the same time: it was usually a one-or-the-other kind of thing. And sometimes Drew could help Dad convince Aaron to do the fun family stuff that Aaron seemed averse to on his own (although Madeleine was even better at talking Aaron into Family Fun than Drew was). Overall Drew and Garen were the members of the Tennant-McKindy family who could usually handle things better, and Drew was the responsible one out of the kids because Madeleine was still too young to have to be responsible.

So he wasn’t used to feeling like he’d let his dad down, and he was so relieved to get a hug at this point that his shoulders shook with a big suppressed emotion. Dad wasn’t mad, or even disappointed, and he didn’t think anything was wrong with Drew, and if Dad said that then it had to be true. He knew Drew better than anyone, probably (so much that most of the time Drew was sure they had to be related somehow), and he knew everything about psychology and stuff.

“Okay,” Drew said, and wiped at his eyes. They were leaking a little, or something. “Yeah. Thanks, Dad.”

He didn’t feel as good about what came next, because it was exactly what Drew thought he would say and exactly what Drew didn’t want to do. He’d been avoiding DJ since the party. “Not yet,” Drew admitted. “I thought it—that maybe I should just leave him alone, you know, if he’s still mad or something. Maybe he doesn’t wanna talk to me.” He’d been telling himself it was because he didn’t want to bother DJ—he’d done enough to the poor guy, really—but that wasn’t totally true. Mostly Drew just didn’t want to have to face DJ. He had no problem admitting he’d really screwed up to himself, but he didn’t know what he’d do if he apologized to DJ and DJ refused to forgive him. That’d be the absolute worst. “You’re right, I should say something.” Drew laughed nervously. He was pretty sure he knew what his dad would say if he said what he was worried about: that forgiving him was up to DJ, and the consequence of punching him was Drew’s to bear even if it cost him a friend. “I will say something. Thanks.”

  • What a silly idea - Garen, Sat May 11 14:41
    Garen hated to admit it, but Drew had a point. The staff really couldn’t do anything effective about a student blackmailing another student. Connor had every right to tell his and Dakota’s father... more
    • At least now it’s over - Drew, Wed May 22 17:52
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