Cindra Embers
Midnight Movie Madness
Tue Jun 4, 2019 13:06

Despite thinking Muggles were the tops, Cindra Embers didn’t have much exposure into their world. With the arrival of Anders Blackburn came a television and a Dee Vee Dee DVD player. The cartoons Ruby and Cindra were introduced to were fascinating. Cindra had so many questions. Why did animated food look so good? Why were the turtles teenagers? Ruby wanted to know where they could find a smurf of their own. There were definitely way more questions than answers here, and there didn’t seem to be much in the way of logic to help. That was okay, though. Cindra preferred imagination to logic anyway.

When Ruby found out that Anders was coming over but she wasn’t included in the movie night, she threw a big tantrum. It seemed to be Ruby’s signature lately, and Cindra had no idea where the kid had picked it up. The blonde never threw tantrums as a child, probably (organized protests did not count as tantrums, in case anyone was wondering. She only tried to free creatures for classes one time!). Maybe Ruby got it from the Hier children, or she’d started to get jealous of all the little baby class dolls getting all the oo’s and ah’s from the staff and students.

Whatever it was, Cindra was very tired all the time and would like for Ruby to stop please.

After Ruby had knocked over everything in her calming corner, including the small chair, the former Draco promised her two stories instead of one, which seemed to put a halt to the tiny ball of rage that was her daughter. She’d barely gotten through the stories and had time to shower before Anders showed up. Cindra noticed his damp hair and felt less bad about not having time to dry hers. She’d wrangled it into a messy bun and pulled on a pair of grey sweatpants and a pale pink tank top, too. She checked on Ruby to make sure she was still asleep (yes, thank Merlin) before going out to greet Anders.

“I think we’re good here,” She responded quietly, taking a seat on the couch. Having no idea what Anders brought to watch, she asked, “Do any of the movies have a cute pet, like a cat or something? I could use a movie with a cute animal.”

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    • Midnight Movie Madness - Cindra Embers, Tue Jun 4 13:06
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