Dardanius Dubois
Not a Big Deal (Tag Marissa)
Sun Mar 12, 2017 17:15

As the class filed out of Defense, Danny caught up with Marissa, uttered the words, “Hey, come with me,” and led them away from the gradually dissipating crowd towards the practically deserted Admin Quarters. He couldn’t identify the exact catalyst that resulted in him stealing Marissa away on that particular day, but it was the culmination of several otherwise unrelated events. Socially, it had been a peculiar year for the Lyra, with transfer students joining their classes both before and after midterm, with the unsettled air between Emmett and Marissa at the start of the year, and his own poignant conversation with Marissa before midterm. Then he’d made the accidental but perspective-altering discovery about his mother’s school days, and had several unusual thoughts when he’d talked to Emmett, and to Rose, and finally Holland had underlined that Dardanius was, in fact, a sixteen-year-old boy. If being sixteen was this disruptive to usual social interactions and corresponding thought processes for everyone then it was no wonder teenagers had a reputation for being driven by their hormones. There was some truth in that, for sure.

His black jeans, which were his closest-fitting pair, made swiff-swiff sounds as he walked in silence; he’d chosen to wear the dark green shirt that Holland had complimented and his dragonhide boots, because for some reason he actually cared a bit about looking reasonable that day. “Okay,” he smirked, coming to a halt in the empty corridor. “So here’s the thing.” He had tried his very best not to over-think this, as was his proclivity. Any time his thoughts had strayed anywhere near what he had decided to do, he’d promptly begun to think of something else. There was nothing so unromantic as a first kiss that had been meticulously planned.

“I was hoping you hadn’t changed your mind about kissing me,” he said, his brown eyes meeting hers; they were still closely matched in height, both of them having grown a little since the start of fifth year. “Because I’d like to do that,” he was pleased to hear that he sounded as casual as if he made this proposition to girls all the time.

He had selected the deserted corridor for several reasons. The first being that it was nobody else’s business, the second being that he didn’t want people to say things about Marissa, because the rumor mill was already rife with hurtful insinuations, and he didn’t want to do anything to encourage them. The third being that, although Holland seemed to think Emmett would be fine with Danny and Marissa hooking up, the fifth year wasn’t so sure, and didn’t want to hurt his friend’s feelings over a kiss that could very possibly lead to nothing more.

    • Sure, whatever you say, totally not a Big Deal - Marissa Kendrick, Sun Mar 12 22:28
      There were many things Marissa thought could happen after Defense Against the Dark Arts. Maybe she’d go work on homework, or she’d go to the theater to work on things for Footloose , or she and Rose... more
      • Keep repeating it; it helps - Dardanius, Mon Mar 13 10:26
        His smirk broadened into a closed-mouth smile that reached his eyes when Marissa replied that she'd like it, too. It was all he could do to retain some semblance of control over his facial features,... more
        • This is not a Big Deal - Marissa, Mon Mar 13 11:14
          Marissa knew that this was important. This was Danny’s first kiss. He had confided in her before midterm about that, and he expressed that he wanted that kiss to be with someone he cared about. She... more
          • I think it's working - Danny, Mon Mar 13 14:41
            It was nice kissing Marissa, Danny thought. Her lips were soft and warm, and when she unexpectedly put her hand on the back of his neck he felt a peculiar jolting sensation somewhere below his navel. ... more
            • Right. Because this is so not a Big Deal. - Marissa, Mon Mar 13 15:59
              She grinned knowingly and laughed. There were probably better titles to assign than kissing virgin, but she couldn’t help it. It was such a good, funny, accurate thing to say. He’d never been kissed... more
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