Marissa Kendrick
Sure, whatever you say, totally not a Big Deal
Sun Mar 12, 2017 22:28

There were many things Marissa thought could happen after Defense Against the Dark Arts. Maybe she’d go work on homework, or she’d go to the theater to work on things for Footloose, or she and Rose would get into some trouble. Marissa had a party coming up that she’d been planning with Armaan, and it was in need of some finishing touches. Armaan wasn’t taking the party nearly as seriously as she was, which was frustrating, and it meant she was doing a lot of work that he wasn’t.

One of the party things she needed to take care of included a conversation with everyone’s favorite poltergeist.

All of that had to wait, though, because Danny caught her attention. “Hey, come with me.” The red head blinked her green eyes, shrugged at Rose, and left to follow the Lyra. She wore her typical exercise gear to Defense that day – a tank top that showed off her sports bra and yoga pants- but Danny had dressed a little nicer. Was there a memo that she didn’t get? Instead of letting her easily distracted brain get even more distracted by noticing details about her Friend, Marissa tried to figure out where they were going instead. She didn’t manage to figure it out, but she did notice how alone they were when they finally stopped.

“Tell me the thing,” Marissa said with an unsuspecting smile, amused by how weird this all was. Usually she was the one leading people away to discuss causing different levels of mischief; it was weird to have the tables turned. She was even more surprised when Danny explained what he was thinking.

Yes!! Marissa kept her face as normal as possible, although she was smiling more now. She did her best not to let her inner joy come through too much; that would just be embarrassing. The Aquila normally felt so chill in situations like this, but it was different. This was Danny, and now, suddenly, he wanted to kiss her. Part of her wanted to know what changed; another part of her wanted to agree before he changed his mind.

“I would like that, too,” she managed to say, and she thought it came out rather normally. Take that, inner Marissa. Calm down. Stop fist bumping the air. She took a step closer, also meeting his eyes. “I mean, I’m absolutely in, with total consent and whatever. You’re sure you wanna kiss me, though?” As far as she knew, this would be his first kiss. Marissa really wanted to kiss her friend, and maybe that would make all of the confusing feelings go away. She wasn’t going to take his first kiss, though, if he wasn’t absolutely sure. That would just be wrong.

  • Not a Big Deal (Tag Marissa) - Dardanius Dubois, Sun Mar 12 17:15
    As the class filed out of Defense, Danny caught up with Marissa, uttered the words, “Hey, come with me,” and led them away from the gradually dissipating crowd towards the practically deserted Admin... more
    • Sure, whatever you say, totally not a Big Deal - Marissa Kendrick, Sun Mar 12 22:28
      • Keep repeating it; it helps - Dardanius, Mon Mar 13 10:26
        His smirk broadened into a closed-mouth smile that reached his eyes when Marissa replied that she'd like it, too. It was all he could do to retain some semblance of control over his facial features,... more
        • This is not a Big Deal - Marissa, Mon Mar 13 11:14
          Marissa knew that this was important. This was Danny’s first kiss. He had confided in her before midterm about that, and he expressed that he wanted that kiss to be with someone he cared about. She... more
          • I think it's working - Danny, Mon Mar 13 14:41
            It was nice kissing Marissa, Danny thought. Her lips were soft and warm, and when she unexpectedly put her hand on the back of his neck he felt a peculiar jolting sensation somewhere below his navel. ... more
            • Right. Because this is so not a Big Deal. - Marissa, Mon Mar 13 15:59
              She grinned knowingly and laughed. There were probably better titles to assign than kissing virgin, but she couldn’t help it. It was such a good, funny, accurate thing to say. He’d never been kissed... more
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