Counselor Garen Tennant
Peer mediation [Emmett & Lucien]
Mon Mar 13, 2017 02:31

Lucien Dubois was in Garen’s office again.

A few mornings ago, Holland Keene had calmly reported the seventh-year for using discriminatory language with them. They’d seemed upset in a contemplative way; when Garen had pressed and asked how they were feeling, Holland shrugged. “I’m okay, it just reminded me there are people like him. Sometimes I forget that here. Anyway, he shouldn’t be allowed to act like my identity is something he can choose not to believe in. Restricting free speech is dangerous, but that was hate speech.”

Garen agreed. He pulled Lucien into his office, deducted an appropriate amount of points from Draco, and gave him a talk about cultural sensitivity. The purpose of the talk wasn’t necessarily to educate Lucien on LGBT+ issues—based on Garen’s experience, there was no sixty-minute conversation that could change stubborn minds on those subjects—but the important thing was for Lucien to understand that disrespecting other students the way he had would not be tolerated. Afterwards, Lucien had given Holland a bitter, fake apology, and then (at Garen’s insistence) a second, forced-polite one, which was really the only possible outcome for peer mediation meetings.

It wasn’t entirely clear what had happened today. Justin Alderman—Garen was certain Justin had not once voluntarily had a conversation with him in seven years—had shown up at Garen’s office to tell him that he’d just seen Emmett Lawrence punch Lucien. Justin had been uncharacteristically cheerful as he reported that Lucien had cried, which was not a detail that Garen needed but was apparently the part of the story Justin cared about the most.

So Lucien was back in counselor’s office, this time with Emmett in the seat beside him. Students who came for regular meetings, like Frankie Munro, had the choice of a squashy green armchair or a cream couch, both of which were exceedingly comfortable Today, there were two simple wooden chairs facing Garen’s desk. The office was well-decorated with numerous photos of RMI theatrical productions and alumni. Garen’s favorite photograph in the room, of Madeleine and Aaron five years ago, was on his desk, angled so it could be seen from either side of the desk. Aaron was in Animagus form, walking alongside the toddler while she steadied herself on his back with one tiny hand. As the viewer looked at the photo, Madeleine let go of him and took her first unsupported steps.

After a suitably long silence to make the students uncomfortable, Garen stopped looking at the picture and turned his attention to Emmett and Lucien. “I take it you both know why you’re here,” Garen said. Neither of the boys had ever been in serious trouble before. Aside from the odd argument with his sister when she was at RMI, Lucien had never been required to come to the counselor’s office; to see him twice in one week bordered on bizarre. Emmett had been sent to Garen’s office for minor offenses a few years ago, but that was all. “Could you each explain what happened this morning?”

    • #sorrynotsorry - Emmett Lawrence, Mon Mar 13 03:05
      Emmett had only just been beginning to feel more relaxed around Director Tennant, and now here he was, sitting in the man’s office under the authority of his other title: counselor. And potentially... more
      • You should be sorry! - Lucien Dubois, Mon Mar 13 13:00
        After sitting down in Tennant’s office for the second time in almost as many days, Lucien found he couldn’t quite make eye contact with the man. Their previous meeting (their first in years) had gone ... more
        • Or at least apologize - Garen, Mon Mar 13 20:49
          Justin’s story was confirmed at a glance; Emmett had a bruised hand and Lucien had a bruised cheek. He was also sporting broken glasses and a somewhat abashed look, which was surprising under the... more
          • I'll do one of those things - Emmett , Tue Mar 14 19:39
            It was all Emmett could do to keep from laughing at Lucien’s general agreement, although the actual funniest bit was the phrase “premeditated assault” and the demand for consequences. He supposed... more
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