Emmett Lawrence
Mon Mar 13, 2017 03:05

Emmett had only just been beginning to feel more relaxed around Director Tennant, and now here he was, sitting in the man’s office under the authority of his other title: counselor. And potentially head of House, too, if Emmett got an extra talking to after the non-Lyra involved party left. It was enough to make him feel a bit squirmy under normal circumstances, but (un?)fortunately, this was a meeting under normal circumstances, and the fourth year felt great.

Counselor Tennant looked at him and Lucien Dubois and asked them each to explain what happened. Emmett volunteered himself to go first, raising his hand high in the air. It was his dominant hand - the offending hand of the altercation - with light purple marks across the slightly swollen knuckles, a quiet indication that he didn’t really know how to throw a proper punch. Rough-housing with Mikey, who was always much bigger than him, he had found he had greater power in his legs. Tiny, flailing fists rarely did him any good, so he hadn’t thought to practice. Admittedly, he wasn’t really expecting to ever punch somebody in the head. The adrenaline had served as its own form of pain killer in the moment, and while his pride wasn’t fading, there was a bit of an ache beginning to creep into his fingers.

“I was walking in the hallway,” Emmett began honestly. “And I passed Lucien. I stopped dead in my tracks when I realized that it was him, and then I turned around, ran after him, and when I caught up, I got in front of him and punched him in the face.” He knew it was definitely not going to help his case - not that he was terribly concerned about it, honestly - but he couldn’t quite suppress his smile. “Counselor, I’ll be honest. We all know violence is wrong. Should I have punched him? Probably not. Am I sorry about it, though? Not in the slightest. Nobody talks to Holland like he did, sir. Not while I’m around.” Emmett was not cocky in his tone. He spoke plainly and simply. Sincerely. He meant everything he said, no malice intended.

He shot a glance at Lucien Dubois, managing to get his smile under control for now and appear serious. “Your turn,” he stated, although he wasn’t entirely sure what the older boy could say since Emmett didn’t try to hide the fact that he was (technically) in the wrong. He just wanted to get this over with now so he could get out of here and tell Holland. Emmett was not particularly committed to gender roles or stereotypes, but the fact that Lucien - who insisted that Holland was a girl basically because they wore makeup and had stylish hair and clothes - had cried was just too good.

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    • #sorrynotsorry - Emmett Lawrence, Mon Mar 13 03:05
      • You should be sorry! - Lucien Dubois, Mon Mar 13 13:00
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          • I'll do one of those things - Emmett , Tue Mar 14 19:39
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