Keep repeating it; it helps
Mon Mar 13, 2017 10:26

His smirk broadened into a closed-mouth smile that reached his eyes when Marissa replied that she'd like it, too. It was all he could do to retain some semblance of control over his facial features, which wanted to express more joy than was really warranted for something he had stipulated was Not a Big Deal. He hadn’t exactly had a reason to think she might refuse, but maybe she had started seeing someone else over the past week and not gotten round to mentioning it yet. Or maybe she had changed her mind about kissing him without any suggestion of a relationship; that hadn’t been the original signal she’d been sending out, but - as very aptly demonstrated by Danny’s current proposal - people could change their minds. That Marissa hadn’t changed her mind caused the Lyra to experience feelings of both pleasure and relief.

“You’re sure you wanna kiss me, though?” Marissa said, after she expressed her absolute and total participation in the project. It was considerate of her to make sure, as he had technically turned her down on the offer twice already, and she knew that he wanted his first kiss to be with someone he cared about. Dardanius believed they could ask each other if they were sure about this all day and not make any progress, which wasn't exactly what he had in mind. No overthinking, he reminded himself.

“Pretty sure,” Danny replied nonchalantly, taking a step forward to match hers, nullifying the distance between them. He kept his eyes trained on Marissa’s eyes, and mouth, to prevent his gaze from wandering to her form-fitting attire (he wondered if she would keep wearing it if it knew the direction it sometimes caused his thoughts to travel). Before either of them thought of anything else to say - they were probably the two most talkative people Danny knew - he leaned in and gently pressed his lips against hers. Having no prior experience in this field, he was relying on Marissa to guide him from there.

  • Sure, whatever you say, totally not a Big Deal - Marissa Kendrick, Sun Mar 12 22:28
    There were many things Marissa thought could happen after Defense Against the Dark Arts. Maybe she’d go work on homework, or she’d go to the theater to work on things for Footloose , or she and Rose... more
    • Keep repeating it; it helps - Dardanius, Mon Mar 13 10:26
      • This is not a Big Deal - Marissa, Mon Mar 13 11:14
        Marissa knew that this was important. This was Danny’s first kiss. He had confided in her before midterm about that, and he expressed that he wanted that kiss to be with someone he cared about. She... more
        • I think it's working - Danny, Mon Mar 13 14:41
          It was nice kissing Marissa, Danny thought. Her lips were soft and warm, and when she unexpectedly put her hand on the back of his neck he felt a peculiar jolting sensation somewhere below his navel. ... more
          • Right. Because this is so not a Big Deal. - Marissa, Mon Mar 13 15:59
            She grinned knowingly and laughed. There were probably better titles to assign than kissing virgin, but she couldn’t help it. It was such a good, funny, accurate thing to say. He’d never been kissed... more
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