This is not a Big Deal
Mon Mar 13, 2017 11:14

Marissa knew that this was important. This was Danny’s first kiss. He had confided in her before midterm about that, and he expressed that he wanted that kiss to be with someone he cared about. She could assume, from that information, that she was someone Danny cared about. That made her feel really good, even a little special. The realization made her heart feel like it was doing a little flip; she mentally told it to calm down. This was just a kiss between two friends. She was probably just doing him a favor; there wasn’t a reason to get all twitterpated about it.

And then Danny took a step towards her, erasing any distance that had been left between the fifth years. Marissa accepted that her insides were just going to keep dancing without her permission and smiled some more.

“I guess that pretty sure is sure enough,” she teased. Danny wanted to kiss her, and she wasn’t going to argue that he shouldn’t. She hoped this would be whatever he was imagining it to be. Marissa’s first kiss was on the playground of her Muggle school when she was ten. She and the other boy, Bradley, had hidden behind the slide, and they quickly kissed. It had hardly been a kiss. They more brushed their lips together for a second, and then collapsed into a fit of giggles. Still, it was sweet, and it was something she remembered even to this day.

This was, of course, different than that. They were older, so this was going to be an actual first kiss. They were hiding in plain sight, for the most part, and anyone could see them. This didn’t bother Marissa in the slightest, but she wondered if Danny had thought this through. Garen or Aaron could walk by at any time, and she couldn’t decide if that would be awful or hilarious.

There wasn’t time for her to actually decide, though, because Danny leaned in and very softly kissed her. Marissa closed her eyes. Being the more experienced one, she figured that she’d have to take the lead from here, but she didn’t do too much. The red head leaned in, kissing him just a little more, and gently placed her hand on the back of his neck. Once the moment seemed right, they pulled away.

“So… Danny Dubois is a kissing virgin no more,” Marissa said with an almost shy smile and a pink blush on her freckled cheeks, “Congratulations.”

  • Keep repeating it; it helps - Dardanius, Mon Mar 13 10:26
    His smirk broadened into a closed-mouth smile that reached his eyes when Marissa replied that she'd like it, too. It was all he could do to retain some semblance of control over his facial features,... more
    • This is not a Big Deal - Marissa, Mon Mar 13 11:14
      • I think it's working - Danny, Mon Mar 13 14:41
        It was nice kissing Marissa, Danny thought. Her lips were soft and warm, and when she unexpectedly put her hand on the back of his neck he felt a peculiar jolting sensation somewhere below his navel. ... more
        • Right. Because this is so not a Big Deal. - Marissa, Mon Mar 13 15:59
          She grinned knowingly and laughed. There were probably better titles to assign than kissing virgin, but she couldn’t help it. It was such a good, funny, accurate thing to say. He’d never been kissed... more
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