Lucien Dubois
You should be sorry!
Mon Mar 13, 2017 13:00

After sitting down in Tennant’s office for the second time in almost as many days, Lucien found he couldn’t quite make eye contact with the man. Their previous meeting (their first in years) had gone about as well as could be expected, which was to say, not at all, in his opinion, considering he had found it entirely unnecessary and a waste of time and he had been forced to apologize to the same person who had started their debate-turned-argument. Holland had, apparently, spread this personal matter around the school, which was the reason why he was here again.

Holland had already been established as his almost-least-favourite person at RMI and, having essentially sought to ruin his life since, was quickly proving her ability to maintain this ranking, if not further reduce it.

He also had absolutely no interest in looking at Emmett. Partially because the boy had the maturity of a billywig and the mental complexity of a troll, and Lucien considered him completely undeserving of all this attention. Why couldn’t Tennant just slap him with a suspension or a comparable punishment and be done with it? He certainly wasn’t needed to be here right now. The other reason Lucien refused to look at him was because doing so caused an involuntary, disgusted wrinkling of his nose, which was painful right now, though he would never admit it.

This dilemma left him fastening brown, still-slightly-red-rimmed eyes on the only other safe figure in the room to look at - the picture of a little girl he assumed was related to Tennant. He knew that a few of the staff had families and kids living here with them, but he didn’t honestly pay much attention to that, and so couldn’t say for certain who she was. But keeping his head bent to stare at the picture helped him put up with Emmett’s rambling version of events (surprisingly objective, though that likely wouldn’t occur to him for quite some time as he was too riled up right now) and following attempt at sucking up (he had seen that coming).

Lucien was starting to get the sinking suspicion that, even though he had been the one who had gotten punched in the face, the counsellor was going to take Emmett’s side. Emmett claimed to conform to the whole sensitivity spiel that Tennant had given him; by presenting that as his rationale for attacking him, the younger boy was obviously playing up to Tennant’s bias. Damnit.

When Emmett addressed him, the Draco finally looked up, showing off the already-bruising, vaguely fist-shaped pattern across his eye and nose. Having spent most of his time before getting called to Tennat’s office checking to make sure his books and potions kit were undamaged from being dropped on the floor, Lucien had only gotten to inspect his eye briefly in the mirror, but from that alone, he didn’t expect it would form a black eye. It had felt pretty solid but he had never been punched in the face before, so his perception of the pain was probably higher than the damage actually was.

He shot Emmett a glare, nose wrinkling in a brief sneer paired by watering eyes from the sudden twist of pain, and then at last faced Tennant directly. “Not much else to add,” he ground out, French accent grating thicker than normal. “I was leaving a Potions lab. Heard footsteps behind me, and when I turned to see who it was, I saw this m-- boy,” Lucien corrected himself, assuming Tennant wouldn’t appreciate the descriptor of ‘moron’, “chasing me, and then he punched me in the face. I almost damanged my cauldron, and he broke my glasses, too.” Indeed, one arm was currently hanging on with Spellotape. Maybe pointing out all the damages would work in his favour; he wasn’t sure, though. Tennant had surprised him once already. “It was obviously a premeditated assault, counsellor. What’s going to be done about it?”

  • #sorrynotsorry - Emmett Lawrence, Mon Mar 13 03:05
    Emmett had only just been beginning to feel more relaxed around Director Tennant, and now here he was, sitting in the man’s office under the authority of his other title: counselor. And potentially... more
    • You should be sorry! - Lucien Dubois, Mon Mar 13 13:00
      • Or at least apologize - Garen, Mon Mar 13 20:49
        Justin’s story was confirmed at a glance; Emmett had a bruised hand and Lucien had a bruised cheek. He was also sporting broken glasses and a somewhat abashed look, which was surprising under the... more
        • I'll do one of those things - Emmett , Tue Mar 14 19:39
          It was all Emmett could do to keep from laughing at Lucien’s general agreement, although the actual funniest bit was the phrase “premeditated assault” and the demand for consequences. He supposed... more
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