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Mon Mar 13, 2017 14:41

It was nice kissing Marissa, Danny thought. Her lips were soft and warm, and when she unexpectedly put her hand on the back of his neck he felt a peculiar jolting sensation somewhere below his navel. For a first kiss he decided this was more or less exactly what he'd been hoping for. He hadn't really been sure what to do with his hands or arms but that hadn’t turned out to be a problem.

Dardanius had closed his eyes for the experience, but when Marissa drew back he opened them, her proximity surprising him for some reason. He could see flecks in her green eyes and tiny, pale freckles between those more noticeable. Her cheeks were also a little pinker than usual; Danny expected his cheeks might be flushed, too, as he felt warm.

“So… Danny Dubois is a kissing virgin no more. Congratulations.”

“Kissing virgin?” Danny repeated, both his eyebrows raised with surprised incredulity. He knew she was teasing, so he decided not to pursue the matter, on the grounds that she had just relieved him of the embarrassing title he wasn't aware she had bestowed upon him. Besides, that wasn't her ‘I'm never gonna let this go,’ smile (he was quite familiar with that one), that was… something different. He could be wrong, but Danny got the distinct impression that Marissa had enjoyed the experience as much as he had. The Lyra found that distinctly encouraging.

“I guess I should thank you, for helping me out,” he said in an off-handed way, half-heartedly shrugging a shoulder as he did so. He tried his best to keep his expression neutral but a smug smile kept trying to force its way onto his face and he wasn't successful in stopping it. “And, um, if you ever want to do that again some time, then that would be fine by me.” Anytime. Right at that moment seemed like a perfect opportunity, in fact. He hoped she'd take it.

  • This is not a Big Deal - Marissa, Mon Mar 13 11:14
    Marissa knew that this was important. This was Danny’s first kiss. He had confided in her before midterm about that, and he expressed that he wanted that kiss to be with someone he cared about. She... more
    • I think it's working - Danny, Mon Mar 13 14:41
      • Right. Because this is so not a Big Deal. - Marissa, Mon Mar 13 15:59
        She grinned knowingly and laughed. There were probably better titles to assign than kissing virgin, but she couldn’t help it. It was such a good, funny, accurate thing to say. He’d never been kissed... more
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