Or at least apologize
Mon Mar 13, 2017 20:49

Justin’s story was confirmed at a glance; Emmett had a bruised hand and Lucien had a bruised cheek. He was also sporting broken glasses and a somewhat abashed look, which was surprising under the circumstances. On the other hand, Emmett was unabashed for someone who had just been caught initiating a fight. The attitudes were also unexpected, given what Garen knew of the boys’ personalities from Marissa and their professors’ reports. Lucien was less likely to admit culpability in anything, while Emmett was more likely to overapologize.

The younger boy gave a frank, unapologetic retelling of the morning’s events. Surprisingly, Emmett wasn’t trying to make himself look good, which was a rare occurrence in Garen’s office. Usually, students who had been caught fighting gave over-the-top justifications, as though the right argument was going to persuade the guidance counselor that violence was okay in a school setting. Emmett offered an admittedly noble reason for picking the fight, but there were still rules.

Lucien’s account added no new information, but was closer to what Garen expected from the Draco: presenting himself as the victim. Which he actually was this time.

First things first. “May I see your glasses, Mr. Dubois?” asked Garen, not answering his question just yet. Garen drew his wand and repaired the frames. He removed the Spellotape from the earpiece, discarded it, and handed the glasses back across the desk to Lucien.

Right. “Mr. Lawrence, while you may have intended to stand up for your friend, that does not excuse violence.” It did not sound like a premeditated attack, as Lucien claimed, but this kind of behavior was not tolerated at RMI regardless. Garen considered asking whether Holland had told Emmett to seek out Lucien, but that seemed unlikely. Holland had seemed satisfied with the resolution of the situation last time they had been in his office, and based on Garen’s interactions with the fifth-year, they seemed unlikely to ask another student to settle an argument on their behalf.

Garen always disliked having to subtract points from his own House, but it did happen occasionally. Lyras were prone to vehement disagreements. “I will be subtracting twenty points from Lyra. And you will serve two weeks of detention.” Students who were assigned detention not with a specific professor were usually consigned to working with the Ms. Liang, the groundskeeper, or whichever staff member felt they could use an assistant on a given day. “And you need to apologize to Mr. Dubois. Regardless of whether you felt it was morally justified,” and Garen could see the argument for that from a fifteen-year-old’s perspective, “hitting him was unacceptable behavior.”

  • You should be sorry! - Lucien Dubois, Mon Mar 13 13:00
    After sitting down in Tennant’s office for the second time in almost as many days, Lucien found he couldn’t quite make eye contact with the man. Their previous meeting (their first in years) had gone ... more
    • Or at least apologize - Garen, Mon Mar 13 20:49
      • I'll do one of those things - Emmett , Tue Mar 14 19:39
        It was all Emmett could do to keep from laughing at Lucien’s general agreement, although the actual funniest bit was the phrase “premeditated assault” and the demand for consequences. He supposed... more
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