I'll do one of those things
Tue Mar 14, 2017 19:39

It was all Emmett could do to keep from laughing at Lucien’s general agreement, although the actual funniest bit was the phrase “premeditated assault” and the demand for consequences. He supposed that to an extent it was premeditated in that he was pissed off at Lucien and had in fact contemplated violence over the last few days. But he hadn't step-by-step planned on hunting the guy down and socking him. That sorta just… happened. It was what it was. (And what it was, was fun.)

But then Counselor Tennant got serious, taking away twenty points and issuing Emmett two weeks of detention, which, as long as he didn't end up with Professor Blair, he thought was pretty tolerable. Even he wasn't dumb enough to argue with it, when it could've definitely been a lot worse. The actual punishment came in the necessitating of an apology he didn't feel like giving, but it was whatever.

“Sorry, Lucien,” he said to the older boy, sounding surprisingly genuine. He meant part of it; he was sorry. Sorry Lucien was such a tremendous douchebag. And sorry he messed with the wrong person. And maaaaybe a little sorry he'd been born. But Emmett wasn't really sorry for hitting him. He was, however, very glad that he was doing theatre and becoming a better actor. Maybe at least he wouldn't have to say it again, although he doubted it was terribly believable based on context of the situation. Still, Counselor Tennant couldn't actually make him be sorry, just say it.

  • Or at least apologize - Garen, Mon Mar 13 20:49
    Justin’s story was confirmed at a glance; Emmett had a bruised hand and Lucien had a bruised cheek. He was also sporting broken glasses and a somewhat abashed look, which was surprising under the... more
    • I'll do one of those things - Emmett , Tue Mar 14 19:39
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