Professor Aaron McKindy
A typical check-in for an atypical week [Holland]
Wed Mar 15, 2017 06:39

It was springtime, which meant very little in Boulder, Colorado other than the fact that flowers were beginning to bloom, ready to be crushed by the next seemingly random frost. The weather near the Rocky Mountains could often be mercurial, even more so than the Quidditch Pitch whose charms Aaron had (more or less) repaired and replaced some years ago. The inherent problem with weather charms was their unpredictability - well, that was the inherent problem with any large-scale charms that imitated nature - and it often seemed as though there was an extended weather charm over the city of Boulder. Still, there were now more nice days than not-nice days, which meant more trips to Pearl Street with the kids. Aaron often preferred to go to Pearl Street in his Animagus form, although he did occasionally make an appearance as a human. In general, though, Aaron preferred to avoid interacting with people he didn’t know and walking around as a dog was a good way to avoid that. Things occasionally got awkward when well-intentioned strangers tried to pet the ever-so well-behaved dog, but he had experienced more awkward things using his Animagus form than that.

Today was one of those nice days, and Aaron had hopes of taking the kids out for ice cream that evening, if the weather kept up. Drew was in his last year at Rock Creek Elementary - he would be a first year at RMI next year - and even though it was less of a milestone for magical kids than it was for Muggle ones, Aaron felt like the kid was growing up too fast. He could distinctly recall a time when Drew had been toddling around, fumbling with the assorted musical toys Garen had purchased for him.

A knock on the door of the office he was sitting in re-routed Aaron’s thoughts from his after-work plans to his work plans. It was about time for Holland Keene’s Animagus lesson. They had so far been focused on wandless and nonverbal magic, the point at which Aaron began all of his Animagus students, and Holland seemed to be making sufficient progress, from Aaron’s point of view. They were less focused on their work than Rose Farnon, for example, but managing much better than Danny Dubois. Of course, Rose was far ahead of the curve in terms of overall effort put into academics in general while Danny might have been the lowest point in terms of effort in the upper years as a whole, so Holland’s place between the two didn’t say anything particularly distinct about their progress.

“Come in,” Aaron called, unlocking the door with a pointed look at the handle and nudging it open with a flick of his wand. “How are you today, Holland?” he asked, once they had entered the office and seated themself in the comfortable purple chair on the opposite side of his wooden desk. A wooden desk that he had specifically cast several fire-repellent charms on. His usual stacks of papers were hidden in the drawers of the desk, safe from any potential explosions or other, more destructive mishaps.

From Garen, Aaron was well aware that the situation with Holland Keene was, at the moment, particularly convoluted. The fifth year was typically a little confusing to Aaron - he didn’t understand their thing with pronouns, although he knew better than to say as much to Garen - and apparently there had been some sort of related trouble with one of the seventh years, Lucien Dubois. Lucien’s initial conflict with Holland had spiraled into what seemed like a school-wide movement against the boy. Emmett Lawrence had apparently assaulted Lucien without much remorse, within the same week as Lucien had been caught having an altercation with another older student, Camilla, over something or other. Rob had managed to break up the fight and dealt with the situation accordingly, but Aaron was still wary of what would come next. Hopefully he wouldn’t have to deal with it.

“So,” he said with a friendly smile that easily reached his gray-green eyes, “What have you been working on this week?”

    • Good of you to check in - Holland Keene, Sat Mar 25 14:00
      Since the argument with Lucien, Holland’s outfits had been from the more reserved (read: androgynous) section of their wardrobe. Today they were wearing black jeans and a blue blazer, which was... more
      • It is kind of in my job description - Professor McKIndy, Tue Mar 28 06:38
        “Some of it has made its way to me,” Aaron admitted, a little sheepishly. He didn’t want Holland to think that Garen was gossiping, but his husband’s natural frustration with the situation had meant... more
        • Then you’re good at your job - Holland, Tue Apr 4 10:47
          One of the things Holland most enjoyed about Spellwork was Professor McKindy’s teaching style. He did a lot of one-on-one work with the upper years, which Holland was fairly sure none of the other... more
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