Professor Aaron McKindy
Less talking more transfiguring [Animagus Lesson - Danny]
Sat Mar 25, 2017 09:35

Humming to himself, Aaron moved around his office tidying things up. He adjusted books on bookshelves, moved furniture back to their original places, made sure his stacks of papers were particularly well-stacked. He could have done it all with a wave of his wand - or not, as it were - but sometimes manually cleaning things was calming. And after all, he had some time to kill before Danny Dubois’s Animagus lesson.

A knock came at the door.

Apparently less time than I thought.

“Come in,” Aaron called, moving back to his desk where he seated himself in the high-backed black chair behind the desk itself. After pausing for a moment, he moved a stack of papers that had been sitting on his desk to the drawer underneath the desk especially intended for that purpose. They hadn’t had any accidents yet that had involved explosions or flames, but Aaron could never really be too careful. Sometimes practicing with new types of magic ended up not too dissimilar from accidental magic. It made sense - after all, most accidental magic was nonverbal and wandless. A few young witches and wizards managed it by getting ahold of a parent’s unattended wand, but for the most part accidental magic manifested as a result of an emotional focus on something. Aaron found it ironic that the thing young witches and wizards could do without any intention was something most adults found to be difficult. Sometimes he wondered if he would be more successful teaching first years how to do magic without words or a wand than fifth years. Currently irrelevant, though, because he had a fifth year standing right in front of him.

“Hi Danny, go ahead and take a seat,” Aaron said with a smile that reached his gray-green eyes. “How are you doing today? Have you been doing okay with the exercises I asked you to practice this week?”

Overall, Aaron had noted that Danny was more engaged in his Animagus lessons than he was in Spellwork. It wasn’t to say that Danny did poorly in Spellwork, but Aaron had noticed that the fifth year often managed to extract the most amount of gain out of the least possible amount of effort. It was something the Spellwork professor was almost impressed by, if he were being honest about it. Aaron didn’t expect everyone to have the same passion for charms and transfigurations as he did - which was good, because very few students met that standard - and even in his advanced classes he was more lenient than most other professors when it came to coursework. He wanted everyone to succeed in his class, and while that didn’t mean lowering standards it did mean accepting that each student would approach their work differently. He was just glad that Danny seemed to be getting something out of his Animagus lessons.

    • But I'm better at talking - Dardanius Dubois, Sat Mar 25 18:29
      Possibly because the set-up was a one-on-one meeting, Danny didn’t feel like his animagus lessons were real classes. As such he didn’t wear his uniform robes, and was actually a couple of minutes... more
      • And I at transfiguring - Professor McKindy, Wed Mar 29 05:09
        Satisfied, Aaron nodded. Revisiting same-state transfigurations was a good place to start, and he was glad that Claudia Dubois had the presence of mind to push her brother to do something like that.... more
        • So we should stick to our strengths - Dardanius , Wed Apr 5 12:19
          When using his wand, and his voice, Danny thought that the type of spell he performed with most ease and precision was transfiguration. Since beginning school, he had always excelled at... more
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