Holland Keene
Good of you to check in
Sat Mar 25, 2017 14:00

Since the argument with Lucien, Holland’s outfits had been from the more reserved (read: androgynous) section of their wardrobe. Today they were wearing black jeans and a blue blazer, which was unbuttoned so that the text on their gray t-shirt (“Aliens don’t have genders”) was visible. Holland owned an unusual amount of shirts which referenced gender, although they supposed the binary genders had shirts with “Girls just wanna have fun” or “Boys will be boys” printed on them. Mom had gone through a phase where she liked to affirm Holland’s identity with sloganed t-shirts, and the extended family—who had struggled with buying gifts for Holland post-coming-out—as if their interests were coded in their chromosomes—had jumped on the bandwagon.

Oddly, an unusual of these shirts also mentioned space or aliens. Holland couldn’t see why there’d be an especially high overlap between nonbinary individuals and people who loved outer space. It could be a subtle dig that they were so nonconformist they were alien, although artists who made shirts with slogans for nonbinary people were generally queer-positive. Regardless, the overlap of their identity and one of their interests was convenient for Holland.

Holland arrived at Professor McKindy’s office for their Animagus lesson. The extra practice with Danny had been paying off, they thought. The nonverbal magic was coming along, although wandless hadn’t improved much. Transfiguration was still better than charms, unsurprisingly, and probably fortuitously for someone working on a big piece of wandless, nonverbal Transfiguration.

They entered, put their black messenger bag down beside the chair, and sat. “It’s been a weird week for me,” Holland admitted. They gave a sheepish half-grin. “I’m guessing the story either made its own way into the staff gossip or your husband filled you in?” Not that the adults on staff didn’t have better things to talk about than student drama, but this one had gotten so out of control so quickly that several staff members had been involved at this point.

“But today’s fine and that’s not why I’m here anyway, so.” Holland shrugged as punctuation. There were some adults at RMI who liked to hear about messy details, but Holland was pretty sure the Spellwork professor wasn’t one of them. “The nonverbal is going pretty well. Simple charms work, and I can do human transfig,” they added, gesturing to their hair, which was blue down to the roots today. “But I haven’t been able to do wandless without holding something wandlike to trick myself into thinking I have my wand. Any ideas?”

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    • Good of you to check in - Holland Keene, Sat Mar 25 14:00
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