Dardanius Dubois
But I'm better at talking
Sat Mar 25, 2017 18:29

Possibly because the set-up was a one-on-one meeting, Danny didn’t feel like his animagus lessons were real classes. As such he didn’t wear his uniform robes, and was actually a couple of minutes early, rather than sauntering in half a minute late. Professor McKindy didn’t seem to mind, however, and Danny took a seat in the only office in the whole school to which he had ever been admitted. With his only rule-breaking restricted to attending Marissa’s parties, for which he had not (yet) been reprimanded, and having no other problems or concerns to discuss, he didn’t have much interaction with staff outside of classes.

Prior to attending RMI, Danny had been accustomed to authority figures calling him either Mr Dubois or Dardanius, but even during usual classes a lot of professors used first names for their students, and he had to agree that his full name was unnecessary. It had taken him a short while to adjust to the relative informality of being at school compared to at home, but by now, wearing a cyan polo shirt with blue jeans and being addressed by a professor as ‘Danny’ did not register as unusual.

“Yep, I think it’s still going okay,” he casually summarised the past week’s progress. It felt to Dardanius as though wandless and nonverbal magic was taking an eternity for him to master, and that he was inching along instead of racing, but he was doing his best not to be discouraged. Since the start of the year he had learned that actually not all witches and wizards were capable of casting spells without the use of their voice or wand, so even his sporadic successes were a good sign that he might be able to finish his animagus training before graduating.

His most recent breakthrough in transfiguration had been thanks to Holland, and their suggestion about things not really being things, which Danny couldn’t express very well in its re-telling, but it had made sense to him at the time. To build on that, he had been assigned various nonverbal transfigurations to practise, as well as control exercises to help with the lack of predictability of his wandless charms. “My sister made me read her textbook about same state transfigurations,” he said, not being too embarrassed about going back to second year work, as he was now trying to accomplish the same spells but without speaking them, “and I transfigured a candle into a comb afterwards.” Definitely positive progress.

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    • But I'm better at talking - Dardanius Dubois, Sat Mar 25 18:29
      • And I at transfiguring - Professor McKindy, Wed Mar 29 05:09
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          When using his wand, and his voice, Danny thought that the type of spell he performed with most ease and precision was transfiguration. Since beginning school, he had always excelled at... more
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