Professor McKIndy
It is kind of in my job description
Tue Mar 28, 2017 06:38

“Some of it has made its way to me,” Aaron admitted, a little sheepishly. He didn’t want Holland to think that Garen was gossiping, but his husband’s natural frustration with the situation had meant that Aaron had heard about it. Although to be fair, at the rate this was going, the man wouldn’t have been surprised if Rey were to call a staff-wide meeting. It seemed like the entireity of the upper years had become entangled in the mess, and Aaron was entirely unsure how to extract them. It wasn’t his job, but he also didn’t want it coming into his classroom. Fortunately, Holland hadn’t tried to raise the issue during class time - at least, not where he could hear - and aside from dressing in a way that Aaron would, in the context of Holland, call more somber, they had seemed to be relatively unaffected when Aaron had seen them during class. Of course, Aaron did prefer to give his students space to work during class time, so it was fully possible that just hadn’t noticed if something was going on. He hoped that wasn’t the case.

Fortunately Holland moved on from the topic quickly, giving Aaron very little time to feel self-conscious about the amount he knew about the disagreement between Lucien Dubois and what seemed like the rest of the school. They were progressing well, which was good.

“So the wand is more of a tool that focuses intent, and in some cases amplifies it, depending on what you’re doing.” Aaron explained, scratching his left arm. “Essentially what’s happening right now is that you’re using something else to focus your intent rather than your wand, which is a good first step but you’re right, something to move on from, but in steps.” It was a problem that some students had while others didn’t, and the Spellwork professor wasn’t entirely sure why. It was not a problem that he had struggled with personally, but he was well informed enough to know that it was a challenge that often presented itself during Animagus studies. “The first step might be to use something a little less wand-like, and then once you’re comfortable with that, trying to move on without a physical object.”

Reaching down, Aaron opened his bottom drawer where a half-globe of green quartz rested atop the pile of papers he had stored there. He placed it on the desk between himself and Holland, then opened the drawer above it, frowned for a second, and then pulled out a bottle of color-shifting ink and a tea satchel, which he placed next to the paperweight.

“Do you think you can try using one of these things to Transfigure this mug,” Aaron moved the empty, white mug that had been sitting on the left of his desk to right in front of Holland, “into stone?” It was a first year spell and presumably well within the bounds of Holland’s practice.

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    • It is kind of in my job description - Professor McKIndy, Tue Mar 28 06:38
      • Then you’re good at your job - Holland, Tue Apr 4 10:47
        One of the things Holland most enjoyed about Spellwork was Professor McKindy’s teaching style. He did a lot of one-on-one work with the upper years, which Holland was fairly sure none of the other... more
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