Professor McKindy
And I at transfiguring
Wed Mar 29, 2017 05:09

Satisfied, Aaron nodded. Revisiting same-state transfigurations was a good place to start, and he was glad that Claudia Dubois had the presence of mind to push her brother to do something like that. Second year was typically too young for students to seriously consider becoming Animagi, but Aaron still considered if he would see Claudia in his office for the same lesson in a few years. He concluded that if he did, it would be surprising. Unlike her brother, Claudia seemed reserved and polite, a relatively good student despite her barely apparent anxiety at times. Aaron had a few students who preferred a lecture to one of the activities he had them do on a fairly regular basis, and he was pretty sure Claudia was one of them. He was also pretty sure Danny was not.

“Going back to same-state was a good idea,” he affirmed aloud. “Have you tried any of the third or fourth year transfigurations, or are you still working on the first and second year ones?” Typically after a student mastered fourth year transfigurations, when they started doing more complex work with living transfiguration, they were ready to start working on self-transfiguration. In fact, some minor self-transfiguration was already in the fourth year curriculum. Some students had an uncanny knack and could manage before then, but that was the trend that Aaron had noticed in his years of tutoring potential Animagi.

“Do you think you can show me some of what you’ve been practicing this week?” Aaron asked. He reached into one of the deeper drawers of his desk and withdrew a green half-globe quartz paperweight, a jar with a grasshopper in it, and a silky feather he had retrieved from the owlry one day for the specific purpose of use in class. Fortunately there were enough owls for him to collect enough feathers for a good year’s use in a very short amount of time. He technically could have conjured feathers, but Aaron had found transfiguring conjured objects to be a little unpredictable since they already had inherent state-magic tied to their existence. It wasn’t a bad lesson for a sixth or seventh year student to try, but it was certainly not a lesson for first years or students working on their nonverbal, wandless magic, the two groups with which he tended to use feathers.

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    • And I at transfiguring - Professor McKindy, Wed Mar 29 05:09
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