Then you’re good at your job
Tue Apr 4, 2017 10:47

One of the things Holland most enjoyed about Spellwork was Professor McKindy’s teaching style. He did a lot of one-on-one work with the upper years, which Holland was fairly sure none of the other professors did… although they admittedly hadn’t asked any of the other professors for individual attention. Holland met with Kazimieras regularly just to talk about philosophy and worldviews and time and such, but they had no particular passion for Divination or desire to spend extra time on the class. Kaz didn’t seem to mind; he was one of the more relaxed professors, especially when it came to friendships with students.

Professor McKindy also went into experimental work and charms and transfiguration theory—like, down to the molecular level—even if the only students who appreciated it were Holland and Rose. He was clearly knowledgeable about the areas of magic he taught and a few other fields as well, and it was also just generally nice to see queer people in academia.

His answer to their question today made sense with what Holland already knew about wands, and the exercise to correct the problem made sense to Holland too. He was starting them with a Transfiguration, not a charm, and ceramic to stone was first-year easy. Easy, wanded, at least. Holland picked up the paperweight, flat side against their palm. Some wizarding cultures, religions, and Muggle subcultures used crystals as magic-focusing tools, so it seemed like a better bet than the ink or the teabag. Plus the paperweight was a form of stone, and they were trying to help the mug become stone. In Holland’s mind, at least, there was some kind of transmutative property to their selection. And it seemed like the problem was just in Holland’s mind and not actually an issue with their magic, so playing into what they thought was an acceptable hack.

Acknowledging that it was a hack seemed like the sort of thing which would make the trick less successful, but Holland was willing to press on anyway. Completely certain that nothing would happen if they tried it nonverbally, they held the quartz half-sphere toward the mug, performed the wand motion, and said the incantation.

The mug promptly turned into a green quartz version of itself. Holland blinked, visibly surprised. “Okay, that wasn’t what I had in mind,” admitted Holland, who had been picturing an earthenware mug, “but it did something! And it’s technically a type of stone, yeah?”

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    • Then you’re good at your job - Holland, Tue Apr 4 10:47
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