So we should stick to our strengths
Wed Apr 5, 2017 12:19

When using his wand, and his voice, Danny thought that the type of spell he performed with most ease and precision was transfiguration. Since beginning school, he had always excelled at transfiguration spells, closely followed by state-changing charms, such as color-changing or size-altering spells. However when attempting nonverbal magic, he had found transfiguration spells much more difficult to master, with defensive magic coming to him most easily. Without his wand, he had so far managed a few movement spells, but didn't think he had yet made sufficient progress to make a comparison. “Still working on the beginner level,” Danny answered. If he continued to make reasonable progress he would be able to move onto some more advanced spells before too long.

When his spellwork professor began to lay some objects out on the desk, Danny retrieved his wand and laid it on the desk, too, just in front of where the fifth year was seated. Considering the three objects, the Lyra disregarded the grasshopper because he hadn't attempted any spells using live subjects yet. He decided to start with transfiguration, as that was the topic they had just been discussing, so he picked his wand back up and deliberated for just a moment between the feather and the paperweight. Coming to a decision, Dardanius lightly tapped the feather with his wand, and watched with satisfaction as it stretched, flattened, and transformed into square silk handkerchief, albeit with a suspiciously feather-like pattern.

“I know it's basic,” Danny acknowledged, “but I'm just about getting consistent results.” He suspected his homework from this session would be to attempt some more complex transfiguration, but that was really up to the professor to decide. Danny was of the temperament that needed guided learning; he would accomplish very little without instruction as he had no self motivation whatsoever.

“I think my control is getting better with wandless charms,” he said, “but…” he looked dubiously at the paperweight, “are you happy for me to try with that?” He nodded towards the green object to indicate his intention. His motion charms had been a little unpredictable so perhaps Professor McKindy wouldn't want a lump of rock potentially ricocheting around his office.

  • And I at transfiguring - Professor McKindy, Wed Mar 29 05:09
    Satisfied, Aaron nodded. Revisiting same-state transfigurations was a good place to start, and he was glad that Claudia Dubois had the presence of mind to push her brother to do something like that.... more
    • So we should stick to our strengths - Dardanius , Wed Apr 5 12:19
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