Elijah Carthy
Last Resort [Tag: Garen Tennant]
Wed Apr 12, 2017 20:02

It wasn’t supposed to be like this. Elijah wasn’t sure that he’d stopped shaking since that night on the floor of the Cetus bathroom after the Blind Date Party. Despite the evening going fine, Elijah had proceeded to drink himself into a stupor, one that ended with a fit of rage and a shattered mirror in the bathrooms. He couldn’t even remember if he had even had a reason to be angry in the first place. If anyone had anything to say about the broken object, it hadn’t gotten back to the sixth year in any fashion. Which was surprising, because it had been a continual thing. The bandages wrapped around his hands were no longer due to the bloody knuckles from causing harm to Lucien, it was from one too many glass shards. Or from the breaking of skin as his fist connected with the plaster walls in his dorm room. It was consistent enough that he no longer felt the pain from the throbbing broken skin, it was just the norm for him.

Along with the shaking came the feeling of being sick all the time. That hadn’t left him since coming out of the haze of adrenaline and pure rage that had clouded his mind with Lucien. He’d been incredibly focused, driven by the anger that had swamped every aspect of his senses until all he could see was red. It never should have escalated to that point. After all, Elijah knew that Camilla could take care of herself and Lucien hadn’t deserved the blows. A talking to maybe, but not what had transpired. It left a foul taste in the Ceti’s mouth, one that was rivalled only by the taste of bile as he lost yet another attempted meal. After the first week, he’d stopped trying to eat full meals, only going with an amount that kept him functioning. He was sure that it showed, some of the concerned glances his way confirmed that. He was losing weight, losing color, and he certainly had no focus outside of any rage episodes.

On the same hand, another norm was his behavior. He’d been avoiding everyone and everything that could make him angry. Especially Camilla. The rage still boiled inside him and sometimes it overwhelmed him, but he didn’t want to hurt anyone. Not again. Something wasn’t right and he knew it. Elijah knew himself and this wasn’t him. He’d always struggled with being overexcited and having control over his impulses, but the muggle doctors wrote that off as ADD at a young age. But even then he could still remember the frustration and sometimes tantrum like outburst in his youth that hadn’t fit in their neat little bill of “what was wrong with him”. Well, there was definitely something wrong with him.

He was losing who Elijah Carthy actually was.

After the same cycle of a day spent trying to avoid people and try to act normal, Elijah practically dragged himself to the Administrative part of the school. It was where he found himself now, standing in front of Garen Tennant’s door with a perturbed look on his face. He was nauseous, no question there and a fresh wave of it rolled over him. There were going to be consequences. This wasn’t just a social “hey I’ve been feeling a little off” meeting. This was a desperate plea for help. Elijah would do anything, absolutely anything to stop the chaos in his head, the unsteady quake of his hands, and the hot rage that he felt bubble below his control. He was more scared of himself than ever and all he wanted was for it to stop.

With a trembling hand, Elijah raised his hand and knocked softly on the wooden door before shoving his hand back into his pocket. A feeble attempt to hide the tremors. When the door swung open, Elijah felt his demeanor break a little as he shook a bit, tears welling in his eyes. He kept his head down, fully ashamed of himself although not of what he was about to do. “M-mister Tennant?” He said, raising his head just slightly so he was looking more at the other man’s chest as opposed to the floor. “I really need to talk to you.”

I need you to help me

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