Counselor Garen Tennant
First responder
Thu Apr 13, 2017 15:03

Miraculously, the situation involving Lucien Dubois, Holland Keene, and what appeared to be every fifth-year and the entirety of Lyra House seemed to have stabilized without the need for a school assembly, which Garen had been briefly concerned they were heading toward. It had been discussed in one of the staff meetings, although the guidance counselor hadnít been sure how he would teach respect to an entire student body. To say nothing of how to teach them that vigilante justice was not an appropriate response to any situation.

The school, however, was still standing, and there had been no further incidents reported since Emmett and Lucienís altercation. (Well, altercation was perhaps a strong word for a one-sided physical fight. Emmett hadnít challenged his punishment and had grudgingly apologized to Lucien, which was the best outcome for this situation.) Garenís job right now mostly involved helping seventh-years with future plans that hadnít been finalized yet, and helping third-years decide which classes to continue and which to drop based on their grades and interests. And, of course, meeting with the students who had regular counseling appointments, like Frankie Munro and Elijah Carthy.

Elijah usually came to Garenís office to talk (mostly about his family) every other week, so his appearing at Garenís office on one of their off weeks set alarm bells ringing for the counselor even before he noticed the sixth-yearís shakiness and tearful demeanor. Elijah had seemed off during their last meeting; when asked, heíd attributed his mood to his motherís worsening health, which was understandable. But Elijah didnít typically schedule extra sessions, so clearly something had changed.

ďOf course,Ē said Garen, moving aside so Elijah could enter. He flicked his wand at the door, which closed. The sign on the outside flipped over to show the words In Session. Garen took a seat in one of the chairs near the one Elijah selected. The desk was a barrier Garen didnít like to have when he was meeting with students, unless they were there for career counseling or disciplinary action. It didnít matter with the former and was appropriate for the latter.

There hadnít been a letter from the Carthys about Elijahís motherís health declining further, but the Cetus looked so upset that Garen summoned a box of tissues over just in case. ďAll right,Ē he said gently, putting the box down so that it was within Elijahís reach, ďwhat do you need to talk about?Ē

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