Ruben Lundqvist
Someone's gotta pay for this [Camilla & Garen]
Sat May 6, 2017 20:18

Ruben had been in some pretty bad moods in his time. Most, if not all, of those past occurrences had been the direct result of interactions gone south, which should hardly be surprising. People were largely idiots and he thrived on calling them out, about as much as he thrived on the fights that typically followed it. But he had never had an interaction that resulted in literally carrying his braid in his own hand. He glanced down compulsively, his scowl landing on the dark-blonde braid swinging from his fingers. No, to compare his current mood with whatever idiotic arguments had occurred in the past would be idiocy in itself. Because his current mood was indescribable. Untouchable.

Nonverbal, too. He wanted nothing more than to shout at Camilla - actually, that was a lie; what he most wanted was to grab her by the shoulders and slam her against the wall, and definitely not in a fun way. But the older lady prof, who was clearly not more serious than Ivy about dueling itself but way more serious about the actual fighting aspect, had explicitly forbade them from talking on the walk to the administrative section of the school. Ruben could feel her watching them. So he limited his contact with Camilla to shooting her glares from his peripheral vision, which didn’t make even the tiniest dent in his anger right now, but it was better than nothing.

When they arrived at Garen Tennant’s office, Ruben strode over to the seat indicated and plopped down in it. Being both irritated and full of adrenaline from their interrupted duel, the prospect of sitting in an office for who knew how long being talked at by Garen (a man he had evaluated on their initial meeting for his orientation after Midterm as decent, but too placid for his taste) was not a welcoming one. He fidgeted with the hem of his grey tank top briefly before shifting in the chair and deciding to hook one of his legs over the arm. Yeah, that was a more comfortable way to sit. He was a tall guy; if pressed, he’d use that as an excuse. Gently, he laid out his braid on top of his bent knee, the light movements of his fingers contrasting with the ferocious blue-eyed glare still directed at it.

Ruben couldn’t say that he was disappointed that Garen’s first move was to ask them what had happened, because that was better than some dumb lecture, but a part of him would’ve preferred to start with the lecture and get it out of the way, because then he just could’ve sat through and ignored it. But another part of him was keen to explain why Camilla was a terrible person. So before the older girl could jump in, Ruben spoke up first, absently wiping his bloody nose off with the back of his hand as he talked. “I hit her very hard,” he informed Garen with probably more confidence than he should, not that that had occurred to him yet. The administration at Durmstrang wasn’t exactly opposed to physical violence, so why would it be treated any differently here?

“She--” this was punctuated by turning his glower back to Camilla for a moment “--insulted me and destroyed my hair. So I hit her. And she hit me, too. So we are good now, ja?” This was obviously not true. In terms of him hitting Camilla and she hitting him, sure, that balanced. Not literally, because Camilla had a pathetic weak fist, but it balanced in the sense that he wouldn’t seek revenge for it. His hair, on the other hand… that needed vengeance.

    • Not mee - Camilla, Sat May 6 21:08
      Camilla´s pain was beginning to reach whole new levels as the adrenaline was dwindling in her body. She wasnt sure if Professor Taylor interrupting their duel turned brawl had been a good thing,... more
      • I think you’re missing the big picture - Counselor Garen Tennant, Thu May 25 12:45
        The staff was still in the process of dealing with Elijah’s punishment. As expected, he had lost his Prefectship as well as Pearl Street access for the rest of term. Garen was usually in favor of... more
        • He noticed Camilla shaking her head as he talked and scoffed at her, the irritated noise huffing out from his throat. Rude, crazy girl. He’d beaten her in getting to talk to Garen first, which was... more
          • Blasphemy! - Camilla, Fri May 26 22:12
            Camilla´s whole body was throbbing with pain as the adrenaline that was keeping it at bay subsided. The blonde looked at Counselor Tennant and complied to his request of putting her t-shirt back on.... more
            • Enough name-calling - Counselor Tennant, Thu Jun 1 19:25
              Ruben did not sit up, but addressing the disrespect quickly became Garen’s lowest priority as he continued to express his eye-for-an-eye morality system. Perhaps that was how they handled conflicts... more
              • The former blonde had been expecting that his comments about Marissa would be enough to cause Garen to interject right there and question Camilla more intensively. The focus of whatever this meeting... more
                • Go punch a wall... - Camilla, Wed Jun 7 12:18
                  The Cetus sniffled trying to contain the tears that were threatening to just pour out. She gratefully grabbed a couple of tissues offered by Counselor Tennant and cleaned her tears. It was awful to... more
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