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Sat May 6, 2017 21:08

Camilla´s pain was beginning to reach whole new levels as the adrenaline was dwindling in her body. She wasnt sure if Professor Taylor interrupting their duel turned brawl had been a good thing, especially since the blonde still was fuming on the inside. She still thought Ruben needed a harsher punishment, but dealt by her. Camilla didnt want to go and see Counselor Tennant, again. However, here she was quietly walking with Ruben and Professor Taylor to see the man she didn't want to see. Her right arm was enclosing her ribcage in a protective stance as every step and breath she took sent a jolt of pain over her body.

The blonde, however, did not conform with the silent walk and shot daggers at Ruben every chance her hazel-eyes landed on the bald Swede walking near her. If she was honest, she couldn't control the small bouts of giggling that erupted from her lips every time her eyes landed on the braid that he was so carefully carrying with him. It was kind of obvious that Ruben took pride in his hair, but this was a bit much. It brought a bit of joy in the midst of this horrible mess she was in.

The finally arrived at Garen´s office and the blonde dutifully sat down on one of the chairs with a grimace on her face. Camilla looked at Garen for a minute and was about to talk after he asked what had happened when Ruben spoke up. She glared at him and shook her head in annoyance at his explanation.

It had not happened like that, well yes, but not really.

Camilla coughed and looked at Garen, “The thing this I slapped Marissa Kendrick a few days ago and said mean things to,” she looked down at her lap for a second, “I apologized. I tried to do it in person, but she avoided me, with very good reason. So, I sent a letter.” The blonde looked at Garen obviously ashamed of what she had done. She wasn't particularly proud of that.

“However, Ruben, and I highly suspect Rose Farnon, ambushed me in the hallway and beat me up,” she looked at Ruben with a glare. Camilla got up from her seat and with great effort took shoved her t-shirt off to show Garen the aftermath. “I healed most of the bruises, but I couldn't so some,” she said moving to give Garen a better look. The bruise caused by Ruben´s recent punch had already started forming and she didn't even want to see it, because it hurt a lot and she thought the bruise would be awful.

Camilla looked at Garen, “I just wanted to confront him,” she finished by sitting down and continue to glare at the bald Swede. She couldn't help it...a grin broke broke her serious face for a second as she saw a bald Ruben.

  • Someone's gotta pay for this [Camilla & Garen] - Ruben Lundqvist, Sat May 6 20:18
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    • Not mee - Camilla, Sat May 6 21:08
      • I think you’re missing the big picture - Counselor Garen Tennant, Thu May 25 12:45
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          • Blasphemy! - Camilla, Fri May 26 22:12
            Camilla´s whole body was throbbing with pain as the adrenaline that was keeping it at bay subsided. The blonde looked at Counselor Tennant and complied to his request of putting her t-shirt back on.... more
            • Enough name-calling - Counselor Tennant, Thu Jun 1 19:25
              Ruben did not sit up, but addressing the disrespect quickly became Garen’s lowest priority as he continued to express his eye-for-an-eye morality system. Perhaps that was how they handled conflicts... more
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