Counselor Tennant
That sounds drastic
Tue May 23, 2017 12:38

Garen listened as Elijah talked about his birth parents. He expected Drew might want to find out who his biological father was someday, although unlike the Carthys, Garen had no information about the man. Jessie apparently hadn’t known, and Garen wasn’t about to argue against the situation. He’d always wanted to be a dad—not just to teenagers with bad or absent parents—so Jessie not being able to contact Drew’s biological father was convenient.

For Elijah, it sounded like meeting his biological father wasn’t a positive experience. Elijah didn’t leave Garen much space to respond, but the Cetus’ account of the meeting sounded like it had ended with more questions than answers. His father’s intermittent explosive disorder diagnosis, the domestic violence charges, the divorce, his biological mother giving him up for adoption, still not being in touch with her, meeting his father’s second wife and his half-sister… a lot had happened to Elijah, and from the way he was telling the story, he hadn’t really processed the information. Seeing he looked like his father clearly didn’t help him feel better about what he’d learned. Whatever Elijah had expected to come from the meeting, he hadn’t gotten it.

Before Garen could begin to address any of the complicated emotions Elijah was expressing, the conversation took a dramatic turn into a bigger problem.

“Okay,” said Garen, processing. From Elijah’s description, this was apparently one of the more serious conflicts RMI had seen (although he did recall a time when a student had summoned Fiendfyre against two others) and they’d have to address it. He’d have to talk to Lucien. Elijah would almost certainly lose his Prefectcy for beating up another student—Brecht, there’d be paperwork. What was it about the students this year that created so much paperwork?

But the paperwork would wait. Elijah seemed frustrated, even angry, at first, but now he was on the verge of tears. “Okay,” Garen repeated. “I can see that you’re feeling scared and upset. That’s natural. It’s gonna be all right. I know this mustn’t have been easy, but I’m glad you brought it up, because we can work on it.” The counselor had gotten a lot of experience helping students with anger management issues over the years—Kat and Addi came to mind, as did Frankie Munro, who he currently saw. Elijah had mentioned his father had an explosive anger disorder, and it sounded like the sixth-year was having similar outbursts; Garen wouldn’t be surprised if Elijah met the criteria too.

“How about we meet every week from now on? We can come up with a plan to help you deal with your anger, some strategies that’ll make it easier.” Garen would be willing to meet more than once a week if Elijah asked, although he didn’t feel a need to suggest that right off the bat. “What do you think would help the most right now? And have you talked to anyone else about this?” Between this and everything going on in his home life, Elijah clearly needed a support system.

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    • That sounds drastic - Counselor Tennant, Tue May 23 12:38
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