Counselor Garen Tennant
I think you’re missing the big picture
Thu May 25, 2017 12:45

The staff was still in the process of dealing with Elijah’s punishment. As expected, he had lost his Prefectship as well as Pearl Street access for the rest of term. Garen was usually in favor of leniency for students—after all, Elijah had reported himself for the incident and was genuinely trying to work on his anger. Lucien Dubois’ story matched Elijah’s version of the (fairly one-sided) altercation; he hadn’t said it outright, but Garen got the impression that the seventh-year hadn’t reported it because he felt guilty somehow. Unsurprisingly, Lucien hadn’t been interested in talking about it longer than he was required to, and had left Garen’s office as soon as the counselor said it was okay to do so.

And now, not even a week later, Camilla Baird and Ruben Lundqvist were in his office for brawling during dueling club. Lorraine, who was in charge of the club today (probably to Camilla and Ruben’s benefit, because Ivy would assign a worse punishment than most professors), had decided to make it Garen’s problem. Warranted, since that was his job.

Ruben expressed a philosophy that two wrongs made a right in his brief explanation of what had happened in dueling club. This was a surprise coming from a very angry-looking teenager sporting a bloody nose and holding his detached hair. Garen doubted that the situation was that simple or that Camilla would agree—and was proven correct, although not at all in the way he’d expected.

Stone and Edwards. What was wrong with the upperclassmen this year?

He’d seen Marissa in the last few days, and she hadn’t said anything. Not, he realized, that she would; Marissa tended not to talk to him about problems like this. And then Ruben (were he and Marissa close friends?) and possibly Rose (no surprise there) had attacked Camilla in retribution? And no one had seen this? Bernstein, they’d have to get some of the house elves to start patrolling the hallways. Two unreported fights in a semester was unacceptable.

Camilla had taken her shirt off, which was another first for things that shouldn’t be happening but apparently were. “Ms. Baird, please put your shirt back on, that’s—really not necessary. And, er, please have a seat.” What a mess. He was tempted to claim that because Marissa was involved he was too biased to handle the situation, although it was really a stretch in this case. “Mr. Lundqvist,” Garen said briskly instead, looking at the other troublemaker, “please sit up straight. And would you care to explain what Ms. Baird just reported?”

  • Not mee - Camilla, Sat May 6 21:08
    Camilla´s pain was beginning to reach whole new levels as the adrenaline was dwindling in her body. She wasnt sure if Professor Taylor interrupting their duel turned brawl had been a good thing,... more
    • I think you’re missing the big picture - Counselor Garen Tennant, Thu May 25 12:45
      • He noticed Camilla shaking her head as he talked and scoffed at her, the irritated noise huffing out from his throat. Rude, crazy girl. He’d beaten her in getting to talk to Garen first, which was... more
        • Blasphemy! - Camilla, Fri May 26 22:12
          Camilla´s whole body was throbbing with pain as the adrenaline that was keeping it at bay subsided. The blonde looked at Counselor Tennant and complied to his request of putting her t-shirt back on.... more
          • Enough name-calling - Counselor Tennant, Thu Jun 1 19:25
            Ruben did not sit up, but addressing the disrespect quickly became Garen’s lowest priority as he continued to express his eye-for-an-eye morality system. Perhaps that was how they handled conflicts... more
            • The former blonde had been expecting that his comments about Marissa would be enough to cause Garen to interject right there and question Camilla more intensively. The focus of whatever this meeting... more
              • Go punch a wall... - Camilla, Wed Jun 7 12:18
                The Cetus sniffled trying to contain the tears that were threatening to just pour out. She gratefully grabbed a couple of tissues offered by Counselor Tennant and cleaned her tears. It was awful to... more
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