Let's just focus on the real culprit: her.
Thu May 25, 2017 14:04

He noticed Camilla shaking her head as he talked and scoffed at her, the irritated noise huffing out from his throat. Rude, crazy girl. He’d beaten her in getting to talk to Garen first, which was her own damn fault for being slow. Didn’t give her the right to play down his explanation of the day’s events while he was still talking. Ruben slouched lower in the chair when he was done and proceeded to pay back Camilla her rudeness by making various faces throughout her explanation.

It started with twisting to shoot her yet another dark glare (he had an infinite supply in reserve) when she described slapping Marissa. Then another scoff for her supposed ‘apology’. Marissa had mentioned something about it, but a weak letter was just stupid and not nearly enough to make up for how badly Camilla had hurt his redheaded friend, so of course it had made little impression on him and Rose. They’d had a plan to carry out and it had gone very well, barring this whole intervention or whatever now. Ruben had never been called in for fighting at Durmstrang. RMI was weird.

Camilla’s glare was returned by his own raised-eyebrow smirk - which wasn’t the same as his usual smirking expression, blue eyes still being rather furious, but it spread wider when she casually stripped down to expose her injuries. Now, Ruben appreciated a good body, but he had grown up with a super-feminist big sister and so normally withheld from ogling girls or women at length without first trying to read some agreement from them about the situation at hand. This was made even easier in this particular situation. His current intense hatred for Camilla meant that he only looked over her body briefly before focusing on the bruising, at which point his martial arts brain took over. After a critical evaluation, his smirk widened further, a quiet snort of laughter bursting out. Despite her efforts to heal herself, he could see Rose had done a decent number on her. He’d have to congratulate her later.

His chuckles stopped when the older girl smiled, obviously amused by his appearance. No. No. That was not how it was supposed to be.

Ruben was tempted to throw something at her and only glanced away when Garen addressed him. Sit up straight? He cocked an eyebrow again. Really? Was that really the first order of business, here? With a sigh, he pushed himself up so that his back was actually straight(er) on the chair’s backrest, although he left one knee slung over the arm because his hair was balanced on his knee and he didn’t want to move it. Garen had asked something about caring to explain which was a bizarre phrasing, and after a moment staring at the man in thought, Ruben just shrugged. “An explaining is not much necessary. I beat her up. It was simple. Boring.”

This was paired with an eye-roll. He’d attended much more interesting altercations before. This time, he’d literally just stood there watching Rose punch a (Petrified) Camilla, all but biting his tongue to keep from giving her verbal advice on how to land her fists more solidly. Speaking of which… “Only me,” he emphasized. “Only hands. You can test my wand, and also Rose, but she was not there at all.” Ruben didn’t understand why Rose didn’t want to be connected to it - surely the reputation was better than being Prefect or whatever else it was she was worried about losing as punishment - but he would try to support her.

“What you should ask for an explaining,” he informed Garen, “is the very bad name that Camilla called Marissa. Marissa was crying in Aquila all the rest of the day. She could not eat.” That was slightly exaggerated; it hadn’t been a full day, and the reason why she hadn’t eaten was because Rose exploded the cookies by accident. But they wouldn’t know the difference. And Garen was her grandfather, right? Play up his emotions a little, and Ruben (and Rose by default) would be free in no time.

  • I think you’re missing the big picture - Counselor Garen Tennant, Thu May 25 12:45
    The staff was still in the process of dealing with Elijah’s punishment. As expected, he had lost his Prefectship as well as Pearl Street access for the rest of term. Garen was usually in favor of... more
    • Let's just focus on the real culprit: her. - Ruben, Thu May 25 14:04
      • Blasphemy! - Camilla, Fri May 26 22:12
        Camilla´s whole body was throbbing with pain as the adrenaline that was keeping it at bay subsided. The blonde looked at Counselor Tennant and complied to his request of putting her t-shirt back on.... more
        • Enough name-calling - Counselor Tennant, Thu Jun 1 19:25
          Ruben did not sit up, but addressing the disrespect quickly became Garen’s lowest priority as he continued to express his eye-for-an-eye morality system. Perhaps that was how they handled conflicts... more
          • The former blonde had been expecting that his comments about Marissa would be enough to cause Garen to interject right there and question Camilla more intensively. The focus of whatever this meeting... more
            • Go punch a wall... - Camilla, Wed Jun 7 12:18
              The Cetus sniffled trying to contain the tears that were threatening to just pour out. She gratefully grabbed a couple of tissues offered by Counselor Tennant and cleaned her tears. It was awful to... more
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