Counselor Tennant
Enough name-calling
Thu Jun 1, 2017 19:25

Ruben did not sit up, but addressing the disrespect quickly became Garen’s lowest priority as he continued to express his eye-for-an-eye morality system. Perhaps that was how they handled conflicts at Durmstrang—Garen had heard very little about the European school which he considered positive press—but the transfer would need to be reminded that RMI had different behavioral expectations.

Garen wasn’t interested in testing Ruben’s wand; Camilla hadn’t mentioned magic being involved, which corroborated Ruben’s story. Even if magic had been involved, Ruben had had time to cast enough spells to cover his tracks from a priori incantatem if the incident was a few days ago. Not to mention that Garen was aware most of the upperclassmen in his husband’s classes could perform some amount of wandless magic. As for Rose Farnon—well, he could ask Camilla for more information about why she believed Rose was involved, and he could speak to Rose about the situation. She was, of course, considered innocent until proven guilty.

With effort, Garen shut down the part of his brain that was protective over Marissa and tried to redirect that energy into being fair to all of the students involved in the situation. Camilla responded before Garen had the chance to address Ruben. “I never called her anything. I said I preferred to not know who she was hooking up with every other week,” okay, and Garen was just going to ignore that, thank you very much; he also preferred not to know anything about Marissa’s... social life, “I tried to apologize in person and when I couldn’t I sent her a letter.” Well, at least someone had tried to behave responsibly at some point during this mess. Sort of.

No matter how long he’d had this job, Garen thought he would never get used to teenage girls crying in his office. He moved the box of tissues on his desk closer to Camilla’s seat, just in case, and gave her a few moments before he spoke.

“Right,” he said, foreclosing any further objections from Ruben or contributions from Camilla. “Camilla, you’re not a bad person,” he agreed, “but you did a bad thing. It doesn’t matter what the circumstances are; physical violence outside of self-defense is not an acceptable form of conflict resolution. That goes for both of you. Camilla, it’s good that you tried to reach out to Marissa, but slapping her and insulting her is not acceptable. And Ruben, if you were concerned about the situation with Marissa, you should’ve reported what Camilla did, not attacked her. And the two of you should’ve behaved more maturely this afternoon. You’re both less than a year away from being adults; you should know better. I am very disappointed in both of you.

“I am going to talk to Marissa about this.” There was really no way around involving her at this point. “And Rose. But in the meantime, you are both to report to Professor Taylor for detention as she sees appropriate for the next month because of your conduct during Dueling Club. Ruben, your Pearl Street privileges are revoked for the rest of the semester, and you will also serve weekly detention. Camilla, I will discuss further consequences with you after I speak with Marissa and your Head of House. Is that understood?”

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    • Enough name-calling - Counselor Tennant, Thu Jun 1 19:25
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