Go punch a wall...
Wed Jun 7, 2017 12:18

The Cetus sniffled trying to contain the tears that were threatening to just pour out. She gratefully grabbed a couple of tissues offered by Counselor Tennant and cleaned her tears. It was awful to know that Ruben had seen her shed a couple of tears. Camilla hated crying if she wa honest and did it the least she could.

Amidst the pain and lecturing, Camilla really wanted to point out that she hadn't insulted Marissa, if she had been insulted it had been by her own volition or guilty conscience or whatever. The blonde didn't give a murtlap´s butt what the redhead did during her free time, her concern was focused especifically on a certain Cetus. If Marissa wanted to pass around the whole student body of RMI it was her choice and it didn't matter to Camilla either way. Marissa Kendrick had never been important in her life until she had fooled around with Elijah, and she hoped the younger girl would disappear as swiftly as she had come. The Cetus had no plans on maintaining a relationship with her unless she, somehow, ended actually dating Elijah.

However, it would be stupid to said anything else considering Garen would be biased based on his relationship with the younger witch. Besides, Camilla had been wrong in the slapping part. She still maintained part of what she had said to Marissa. The Cetus couldn't really expect a just verdict from someone that shared family history with the student involved.

“Yes,” the blonde responded to Garen´s final part of the lecture: The Punishment. The blonde didn't really care about that right now. All she wanted was to get properly healed and go back to bed. The blonde was mad because she was certain Rose wouldn't be punished, especially because there was no proof other than her theories. It was rather unfair and unjust and pineappled up. Camilla began crushing the tissues that were in her hands as a means of controlling her rising anger. She had expected something more for what Ruben and Rose had done, but no, Garen had gone a bit soft on them. More importantly, Rose would probably walk away unscathed.

“I’ll wait hear the final punishment,” she finished before getting up with some effort of the chair she was occupying. She was ready to call this a day and try to forget about it. However, Camilla had learned a very valuable lesson: she needed to control her explosive temper and wait for better circumstances. “May I go now?” she asked with all the intention of getting out of the same room as Ruben and Counselor Garen. She was emotionally tired

  • The former blonde had been expecting that his comments about Marissa would be enough to cause Garen to interject right there and question Camilla more intensively. The focus of whatever this meeting... more
    • Go punch a wall... - Camilla, Wed Jun 7 12:18
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