Dylan Xavier
[Headmaster office] I knew this was going to happen
Thu Aug 10, 2017 11:43

It was Saturday, two weeks into Dylan's first year as a wizard. Things in Wonderland had been going pretty well so far. There were the unavoidable pockets of insanity here and there, but overall, Dylan was enjoying his new school. He'd gotten lost . . . well, he wasn't quite sure how many times he'd gotten lost. More than ten. Probably less than twenty, but he wouldn't swear to that. Eventually he found where he needed to be and he'd only been late for class because of it twice. (That didn't count the time he'd been late because he misread his schedule, but that had been a different issue.)

So far he'd done good about going up the right staircase to his dorm, either by following other boys up (or splitting off from the girls) if he was with a group, or waiting until someone else came or went and he could deduce which staircase was his.

Today, though, he was distracted, and alone, and nobody was conventionally coming or going to give him a clue he could follow unconsciously. So without really thinking about it, he just started taking stairs two at a time, wanting to get up to his room to dump off his library books and change into his swim trunks before he headed over to the rec center for an afternoon swim. He was already thinking about the waterslides as he twirled and dropped and crash landed onto the floor of the Headmaster's Office.

Confused and disoriented, it took him a moment to realize what had happened and he flushed red with embarrassment. "I'm really sorry," he apologized as he climbed back onto his feet. He rubbed a leg where one of the library books had jabbed him good as he fell. That was going to bruise. "I think I took the girls' stairs. I'm mildly dyslexic and I can't tell them apart."

(OOC: Assumes somebody is actually present on a Saturday afternoon; just ignore the dialogue if the office is empty.)

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