Counselor Garen Tennant
Are you a Seer?
Tue Aug 15, 2017 16:34

It was Drew’s twelfth birthday, so they were going to dinner on Pearl Street as a family. Because, he supposed, there were some perks of being on staff at your son’s school. Drew got to choose where they were going because he was the birthday boy, and he’d picked Salamander Grill, which had American diner-style food.

They weren’t going until six, so Garen had some time before they had to leave. The plan was to use that time to finish the college recommendations he was writing for some of the seventh years; Rachel Afary needed seven letters and Ethan Addams needed three. Fortunately it wasn’t hard to write one letter and just make minor edits so it would be appropriate for each school, but it still took some work. Garen tried to write thoughtful letters of recommendation for all students who asked him for them. He knew Ethan fairly well from his work in the Drama Club—Ethan was genuinely one of the best student crew members he had worked with—but he had had to ask some of the other professors about Rachel.

Realizing he was out of RMI letterhead, Garen went to check with Rey if he had any spare paper. The door to the Headmaster’s office was unlocked, but Rey (unsurprisingly, for a Saturday) wasn’t there. The spare paper was in his office, however, and Garen was writing a note to send Rey asking to borrow paper when a student crashed to the floor on the other side of the desk.

The sudden sound startled Garen, but he recovered quickly. “Ah. Mr. Xavier.” When he was Deputy Headmaster, Garen had occasionally had to deal with students being caught trying to access the wrong dorms. There was usually a halfhearted attempt to make excuses about why the student had triggered the spell (“But Mr. Tennant, I just tripped and accidentally fell on the girl’s stairs!”), which were about as convincing as when Drew lied about having made his bed in the morning. But Garen was confident that an eleven-year-old wouldn’t make up being dyslexic and having right-left confusion as an explanation for going up the girls’ stairs.

“I see,” Garen said, considering. “How have you been telling the staircases apart for the past few weeks?” he asked Dylan. He changed the message he was writing to Rey, explaining Dylan’s presence in the office, and sent it off to the Headmaster with a wave of his wand. Rey might want to intervene personally, although Garen felt he could handle this on his own.

  • It was Saturday, two weeks into Dylan's first year as a wizard. Things in Wonderland had been going pretty well so far. There were the unavoidable pockets of insanity here and there, but overall,... more
    • Are you a Seer? - Counselor Garen Tennant, Tue Aug 15 16:34
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