So altruistic
Tue Aug 22, 2017 10:12

Seeing Ruben slamming against the wall was very satisfying, but only for a moment. After a breath, Dardanius was ashamed that he'd resorted to primitive reflexes because he couldn't keep his emotions in check. He didn't want to get into any confrontation with Ruben, not least because the guy was taller, more muscular, and liked to fight with his fists. While Danny had an athletic build and Quidditch-sharpened reflexes, he'd never hit another person ever in his life, and didn't kid himself that a physical fight with Ruben would work out well for him. If it came to a duel then Danny had more confidence. He duelled the same way he did everything else - methodically and by the rules - which had so far worked out well in Duelling Club, but he'd never actually engaged in a real duel. Also he had seen Ruben in duelling club, and noted that the Aquila did not seem to categorize physical fighting and magical duelling as separate activities.

Primarily, however, his disinterest in engaging Ruben had little to do with his opponent: Dardanius was simply not a violent or confrontational person. He didn't even use harsh words and rarely raised his voice off the Quidditch pitch. Besides, he took his responsibility as Prefect more seriously than most, and he enjoyed the accolade of being Quidditch Captain (even if the extra workload was devastating to his habit of putting in minimal effort when possible; he had delegated to Emmett on a few occasions), and didn't relish being stripped of these titles for participating in a brawl. Ruben was not worth that.

Of course Dardanius probably should have thought about that before casting his first spell. Ruben swore at him a couple of times, which worked wonders to assuage Danny’s still-forming regrets. “Yeah, my problem is you.” Let there not be any misunderstandings. He had planned to elaborate, until some objects progressing towards him at speed diverted his attention from what obviously would have been and elegant and righteous speech about the dissatisfactory way Ruben was treating his friends. And Russell. Instead Danny swiftly transfigured the projectiles into soap bubbles. They stayed their course but had no effect beyond leaving a couple of damp marks on Danny’s bright orange t-shirt and dark green combats as they popped on contact.

Already on high alert, the Lyra didn't miss Ruben’s motion to retrieve his wand, nor the strange sound that followed. He looked up in time to cast reducio and execute a hasty step to the side, so a still-slightly-enlarged condom flopped down onto his arm. It was gross, but nowhere near so as the original intent would have been. Ruben was severely disturbed, Danny decided, and his disgusted frown probably conveyed his opinion.

Hedging his bets that his blond-haired opponent would not cease casting spells to have a reasonable discussion, Danny cast a non-verbal protego charm but made no further attempts against Ruben. A lifetime of avoiding confrontation was conflicting strongly with his need to vent his frustrations on a deserving victim. “I have no interest in fighting you.”

  • Happy to hear it - Ruben, Mon Aug 21 22:39
    Ruben had barely reached towards the items on the floor when he felt a hard shove from behind. That was unexpected. Having spent too many years in martial arts training to sit (metaphorically) (a... more
    • So altruistic - Dardanius , Tue Aug 22 10:12
      • Bubbles? Seriously? Jävla fan , whose arm did Danny think he was pulling with that? Following up with an attack worthy of a twelve-year-old after having already slammed him was not only a garbage... more
        • Im not convinced that's true - Danny, Thu Aug 24 04:08
          If Danny thought he had anger issues right now, it was nothing compared to Ruben’s furious demeanor. All because he’d been pushed into a wall, which admittedly wouldn’t usually count as a good time,... more
          • Danny went down. Which was great, because that had been the point. You didn't punch someone in the face if you were planning on continuing the fight further. If there was such thing as a rulebook of... more
            • Disagree - Danny, Fri Aug 25 08:23
              Rather than garnering any satisfaction from seeing Ruben’s immobile body hitting the floor, Danny was just frustrated. This was merely proving his mantra that violence never solved anything, and if... more
              • We can't all be right - Ruben, Fri Aug 25 21:19
                Ruben couldn’t hold back a snort of laughter at Danny’s instruction. “Reputations are not bad, not something to fight. To know that people can know you in some way from a distance is a fact to be... more
                • Just me - Danny, Sat Aug 26 08:26
                  Ruben was obviously missing the point. Dardanius suspected part of this might be wilful misinterpretation. “It's not your business what I do or did with Marissa,” he said calmly, when Ruben asked why ... more
                  • And me! - Ruben, Wed Sep 6 22:40
                    “She doesn’t want people talking about her like that. It makes her upset.” Ruben half-listened to the other boy’s rant about how he should shut his mouth or whatever because Marissa hadn’t said he... more
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