Garen Tennant
Gift basket for Aaron McKindy!
Tue Jan 10, 2017 20:48

Retrospectively, they should have seen it coming, but Godric had been relatively healthy for a twenty-something-year-old cat. One day he had been alive and the next day he hadn’t woken up. It had been very sad, but at least Aaron had found him and not one of the kids.

That was August. Garen had had a conversation about death with Madeleine, who was only six and whose main understanding of the concept was from fiction. Drew, at age ten, didn’t need much guidance about Aaron’s cat dying. Godric had moved in with them when Aaron did three years ago, so the cat had been around for a good portion of both kids’ lives. Madeleine had been quite sad, but she giggled when Drew pointed out that Godric had spent most of his time trying to either avoid or trip them. She was back to normal in a few days.

Garen had never lost a pet. The owls in the Tennant house when he was growing up were functional, not familial. Caliban was a few years older than Godric had been, but pet macaws could live over fifty years, so Garen didn’t have to think about the bird passing away for some time.

Godric was definitively not Garen’s cat, but he had been there for nearly their entire relationship. Aaron had acquired the cat when he’d moved to the apartment on Pearl Street (at Sandro’s… request), and Garen and Caliban had moved in with them soon after. They’d had the cat during the summer that started with their engagement and ended with their wedding. Godric had mostly been an inconvenient, interfering presence, but he had been around through their whole marriage, and as far as Garen could tell had been the one constant in Aaron’s life after their divorce. So Garen would miss the cat too, even though Godric had really preferred Caliban to Garen.

Aaron was still taking Godric’s death very hard and pretending not to, which was how Aaron usually handled emotional things. Garen had had a vague idea of getting Aaron a cat for Christmas, but his partner was moping now, and it was October, so Garen had an excuse for gift-giving. The six-year anniversary of restarting their relationship was this month. They usually celebrated with dinner and small gifts, but Garen had always been a grand gestures sort of person and it was unrealistic to expect him to hold off on one forever.

He’d taken the kids to one of the pet stores on the Mall over the weekend. Madeleine was fond of the puffskeins, and Drew (apparently taking after Jessie) became distracted by terrarium of bearded dragons until Garen pointed out the reptiles were not the type of dragon he was hoping. Garen eventually managed to shepherd his children to the pen of cats and kneazle crossbreeds, where after half an hour of playing with the prospects the kids had made a decision.

They’d chosen a pouncey silver tabby with greenish eyes. She seemed friendlier than Godric, but she’d spent most of their visit stalking and attacking Drew’s shoelaces, which all three Tennants agreed was in the spirit of Aaron’s last cat.

On their anniversary (a weekday, this year), Garen picked up the kitten from Poff’s Menagerie to bring home to RMI. Outside the Spellwork professor’s office, he transfigured the cat carrier into a blanket-lined basket. The kitten propped her pink paws up against the high wicker sides and peeked out inquisitively. Garen knocked.

“Happy anniversary,” he said when Aaron opened the door. He offered the basket, smiling broadly. “I was going to wait until December for this, but, um, it turned out I couldn’t.”

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      • Awwwwww and cuddles - Garen, Wed Jan 11 14:26
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