Im not convinced that's true
Thu Aug 24, 2017 04:08

If Danny thought he had anger issues right now, it was nothing compared to Ruben’s furious demeanor. All because he’d been pushed into a wall, which admittedly wouldn’t usually count as a good time, but neither was it really an adequate catalyst for this onslaught of expletives, and for Ruben to be striding aggressively towards him. Danny didn’t flinch; perhaps it was imprudent of him, but he didn’t find Ruben the least bit intimidating. He was Dardanius Dubois, heir to his family name and fortune, a straight-O student without trying, who wore two badges on his robes; he was energetic and popular. Like a prey that had never been hunted, he had no reason to consider Ruben with any trepidation. While he didn’t precisely relish the increasingly likelihood of being attacked by his yearmate, and he would avoid confrontation as long as he was able, none of this was due to thinking of Ruben as formidable.

He wasn’t sure what Ruben was calling him - his French was bad, but his Swedish was non-existent - but the message that Danny had no intention of fighting was obviously not being well received. “Save your breath,” he muttered audibly. It was a moment after Ruben began casting spells at the protective shield Danny had conjured that he started to feel something akin to concern. He had confidence in his charm holding off a shorter volley of spells cast from a greater distance than this, but Ruben’s unbroken onslaught was evidently designed to rapidly decay its effects, and it was working.

In mere seconds Danny realized he no longer had a choice about fighting Ruben, but he was still determined not to use any harmful or aggressive curses. He opened his mouth to utter the banishing charm again, needing to put some distance between himself and his opponent to think clearly, but before the words could pass his lips, several things happened in quick succession: A sudden, sharp pain just below his left shoulder suggested that Ruben’s attempts at breaking the shield charm had been successful, a small chasm appeared in the floor beneath him, distracting Danny’s attention and unbalancing him a fraction, and then a fist collided with his face.

It was the second most painful experience of his life, after that time in second year a Bludger had fractured his knee cap. Sweet mother of Merlin! Already off-kilter, Danny stumbled a step to the side - mercifully avoiding the crack in the floor by more luck than judgement - before dropping to one knee to steady himself. Ruben’s feet were in his direct line of vision, planting an idea in his head that Danny acted upon without further consideration. He cast a jinx that had been popular in his third year that tied a victim’s shoelaces together (or, in the absence of shoelaces, the shoes would first grow laces, which then fully encircled the wearer’s ankles before tying themselves firmly). The spell sounded thick spoken around the metallic taste in his mouth, so as Danny began to rise to stand again, he cast the full body bind non-verbally, inwardly acknowledging that Ruben’s proximity at least made it far more difficult for him to dodge any spell Dardanius might cast. It was not conducive to much else, however, so without waiting to ascertain whether his bind had been successful, Danny used the palm of his left hand, and the fist curled around his wand of his right, propelled by his upward momentum, to physically shove Ruben - who’d had sex with Marissa, Danny’s Marissa, sweet, sexy and vivacious Marissa, about whom he cared more than he was willing to admit, and then used this experience to brag to Russell and to bully him - backwards.

His left shoulder throbbed in protest, a momentary relief from the pain in his jaw, while the fabric of his t-shirt moved strangely, as if stuck to him with a patch of moisture. It became apparent that the hexes that Ruben selected were not child’s play; they were spells Danny wouldn’t even use against an enemy, let alone another student, especially one he’d never had a direct quarrel with until this particular incident. His main priority suddenly became to stop Ruben making any more holes in him; silencio and expelliarmus were the next spells he would cast.

  • Bubbles? Seriously? Jävla fan , whose arm did Danny think he was pulling with that? Following up with an attack worthy of a twelve-year-old after having already slammed him was not only a garbage... more
    • Im not convinced that's true - Danny, Thu Aug 24 04:08
      • Danny went down. Which was great, because that had been the point. You didn't punch someone in the face if you were planning on continuing the fight further. If there was such thing as a rulebook of... more
        • Disagree - Danny, Fri Aug 25 08:23
          Rather than garnering any satisfaction from seeing Ruben’s immobile body hitting the floor, Danny was just frustrated. This was merely proving his mantra that violence never solved anything, and if... more
          • We can't all be right - Ruben, Fri Aug 25 21:19
            Ruben couldn’t hold back a snort of laughter at Danny’s instruction. “Reputations are not bad, not something to fight. To know that people can know you in some way from a distance is a fact to be... more
            • Just me - Danny, Sat Aug 26 08:26
              Ruben was obviously missing the point. Dardanius suspected part of this might be wilful misinterpretation. “It's not your business what I do or did with Marissa,” he said calmly, when Ruben asked why ... more
              • And me! - Ruben, Wed Sep 6 22:40
                “She doesn’t want people talking about her like that. It makes her upset.” Ruben half-listened to the other boy’s rant about how he should shut his mouth or whatever because Marissa hadn’t said he... more
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