It is, just not in the standard (boring) direction
Thu Aug 24, 2017 15:46

Danny went down. Which was great, because that had been the point. You didn't punch someone in the face if you were planning on continuing the fight further. If there was such thing as a rulebook of fighting, Ruben was pretty certain that line would be in there. The temptation of face-punching was consistently high, simply because a) it got rid of the burden of having to look at whoever the idiot was you were having to interact with and b) the face had a nice mix of squishy flesh and bony frame that your fist just settled perfectly into, but it had repercussions, namely the whole who's gonna keep their ground after getting face-punched? bit. (The answer was Ruben, because he wasn't letting anyone get off easy, but it didn't happen to him often. Normally he was on the side of the puncher, not punchee, and even then normally he was going after other body parts so as to prolong the fight experience. But there was no point prolonging when your opponent wouldn't fight back. Insert a loud 'booo' at Pretty Boy.)

Withdrawing his arm, he watched Danny fall and snorted at how off-balance he seemed to be. So much for Quidditch players being talented, right? But then...

Ruben knew he'd been hit a moment too late. He could feel the deep tightening of the Full-body Bind dragging out from his bones, and fan, Danny had finally cast something worthwhile. That was satisfying - although not as much as the way it pulled on his sore shoulder, which Ruben knew wasn't great because the number-one thing you shouldn't do after a shoulder injury was stretch it out, but it didn't mean the ache felt any worse. He'd be mad about the extra strain later, probably, but right now, it was the best sensation.

Ruben's wand clattered to the floor as his limbs tediously snapped together, the effect of the hex slower than average as he mentally prepared to fight it off. Being shoved so that his body followed his wand was annoying - it had interrupted his mental focus - but once he was staring grumpily, unblinkingly at the ceiling, Ruben gathered his thoughts again and focused hard. He'd never have been allowed to make it very far under the instruction of Durmstrang's resident duelling master if he hadn't learned to forcibly break out of a body bind. It was harder for him than shrugging off an Imperius, since it was more brute strength and less of a mental-willpower balance. (Well, technically it involved a nonverbal, wandless Finite, but the blonde classified this as brute strength due to its complexity and also just being a useful comparison for him to other tasks.) Not to be misleading; Ruben's brute strength was obviously many times better than any of the other RMI students, especially Danny's, but the combination of strength and determination was where he really excelled. Regardless. This was a strength test, and he was definitely still stronger on his bad days than anyone else's good days, and today was totally not a bad day, so, hah.

Some long seconds passed. Then, with an almost audible pop, he shattered the bind. He took another moment to breathe deeply before propping himself up on his elbows, favouring his right side in an attempt to keep the shoulder from further damage. Ruben blew some stray hair out of his face as he stared critically at Danny. The guy had surprised him twice, now: the first time when he attacked and then backed off like a coward, and the second time when he actually attempted something resembling an offense. You'd never see damn bubbles in a fight and he would never be able to let Danny live that up, but still. He'd made, and even initiated, physical contact. This was progress.

Having finished his assessment of the other boy (and taken a moment to admire his bloody face, which in his very unartistic opinion could probably fit right in at some weird art museum since it was basically just a smeared portrait), Ruben nodded to himself. "Okay." He followed this by cracking a grin and settling back into a bit more of a sprawling position, taking some comfort in the hard floor. Yeah, fine, they were even. It wasn't the ideal conclusion, but Danny looked like he was already at the end of his rope after the laughingly short offense, but there had still been an offense and he now knew Danny had it in him to fight like a man, so he'd live with it. "So what is the problem with me you want to talk about?" he continued on conversationally, and added, "Put pressure on that," jerking his head to Danny's arm. His shoulder for the other's face-and-arm wasn't exactly an eye for an eye, but good enough. Made up for the lack of a committed fight, at least.

(And, yes, talking was still for losers and Danny was still a loser but he was less of a loser than he had been previously. Ruben would humour him.)

  • Im not convinced that's true - Danny, Thu Aug 24 04:08
    If Danny thought he had anger issues right now, it was nothing compared to Ruben’s furious demeanor. All because he’d been pushed into a wall, which admittedly wouldn’t usually count as a good time,... more
    • It is, just not in the standard (boring) direction - Ruben, Thu Aug 24 15:46
      • Disagree - Danny, Fri Aug 25 08:23
        Rather than garnering any satisfaction from seeing Ruben’s immobile body hitting the floor, Danny was just frustrated. This was merely proving his mantra that violence never solved anything, and if... more
        • We can't all be right - Ruben, Fri Aug 25 21:19
          Ruben couldn’t hold back a snort of laughter at Danny’s instruction. “Reputations are not bad, not something to fight. To know that people can know you in some way from a distance is a fact to be... more
          • Just me - Danny, Sat Aug 26 08:26
            Ruben was obviously missing the point. Dardanius suspected part of this might be wilful misinterpretation. “It's not your business what I do or did with Marissa,” he said calmly, when Ruben asked why ... more
            • And me! - Ruben, Wed Sep 6 22:40
              “She doesn’t want people talking about her like that. It makes her upset.” Ruben half-listened to the other boy’s rant about how he should shut his mouth or whatever because Marissa hadn’t said he... more
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