Fri Aug 25, 2017 08:23

Rather than garnering any satisfaction from seeing Ruben’s immobile body hitting the floor, Danny was just frustrated. This was merely proving his mantra that violence never solved anything, and if only he'd listened to that excellent advice and simply talked to Ruben in the first place, rather than drawing his wand, he probably would not be tasting blood right now. However, as he would no doubt need to explain to Holland later, he obviously had not been thinking at all, let alone rationally.

Danny elected not to cast the additional two spells he’d originally had in mind, considering them pointless since his last jinx had rendered the Aquila motionless, wandless and silent. Instead he summoned Ruben’s wand from where it had clattered to the floor, catching it in his left hand. He took advantage of the brief respite from Ruben’s voice, wand and fists to say, “This is stupid.” That pretty much summed up his feelings on the last several minutes of his life (if not the whole term so far). If their positions were reversed, he suspected Ruben would take advantage of the opportunity to inflict further physical damage to him; Danny offered an internal apology to Emmett that he would not be taking that course of action. He did consider just leaving Ruben there, wandless, in the corridor, but then he stirred, and Danny prepared to defend himself again if necessary. Casting a non-verbal, wandless finite was no simple task; he was grudgingly impressed by that.

Yet Ruben made no move to attack straight away. Danny waited warily, but it seemed Ruben was done with conflict for now. “What?” he asked incredulously. “You just-” were casting stabbing curses at me moments ago, and now you’re lying on the floor like nothing happened? Not that Danny was really complaining about the ceasefire. “Whatever.”

Danny looked dispassionately at the wound Ruben had inflicted. He supposed he ought to see the medic about that - he wasn't studying Intro to Healing (he hadn't thought he would need to…) - and suspected everything would start to hurt a lot more once the effects of adrenaline had worn off. He didn't exactly want to talk to Ruben any more than he wanted to fight him. Also he wasn't crazy about doing it on Ruben’s terms, either. He was still keen on walking away with his wand, but he guessed he might as well air some crap out while he had the chance.

“Stop telling people about you and Marissa,” he said bluntly. “She's had a rough time fighting a reputation here and you're making it worse.” Admittedly he couldn't prove that Ruben was making it worse, but the fewer people he bragged to, the better, regardless. “What you two get up to is your business,” his jaw automatically clenched at the reminder, but that hurt like hell so he winced and pushed on, “so keep it that way.” A gentleman wouldn't kiss and tell, but clearly Ruben would never be one.

“And leave Russell alone,” he added, with less enthusiasm but no less disdain. “I don't know what your problem is but these are good people who don't deserve to be treated like crap.” Nevermind the fact that personally Danny didn't feel like he deserved to be punched in the face, but that was arguably subjective. “If you can't get along here, maybe you should transfer back out again.”

  • Danny went down. Which was great, because that had been the point. You didn't punch someone in the face if you were planning on continuing the fight further. If there was such thing as a rulebook of... more
    • Disagree - Danny, Fri Aug 25 08:23
      • We can't all be right - Ruben, Fri Aug 25 21:19
        Ruben couldn’t hold back a snort of laughter at Danny’s instruction. “Reputations are not bad, not something to fight. To know that people can know you in some way from a distance is a fact to be... more
        • Just me - Danny, Sat Aug 26 08:26
          Ruben was obviously missing the point. Dardanius suspected part of this might be wilful misinterpretation. “It's not your business what I do or did with Marissa,” he said calmly, when Ruben asked why ... more
          • And me! - Ruben, Wed Sep 6 22:40
            “She doesn’t want people talking about her like that. It makes her upset.” Ruben half-listened to the other boy’s rant about how he should shut his mouth or whatever because Marissa hadn’t said he... more
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