And me!
Wed Sep 6, 2017 22:40

“She doesn’t want people talking about her like that. It makes her upset.”

Ruben half-listened to the other boy’s rant about how he should shut his mouth or whatever because Marissa hadn’t said he was allowed to brag and devoted the rest of his attention to steadily cracking each of his toes with vigorous bends inside his shoes. The blonde shrugged noncommittally, tempted to protest but pretty sure that anything he said would go right over Danny’s head, no matter how right it was. “She is fine with it. But, since you are so strong-opinioned about this, I will ask her again.” ...okay, so much for staying quiet, but seriously, Ruben knew he wasn’t in the wrong here. He and Marissa had laughed it off as they straightened their clothes and literally parted from the Pitch with a high-five. They were cool.

Furthermore, he wasn’t bragging, pfft. Bragging was for people who had gotten lucky by sheer coincidence and wanted to rub their luck into the faces of other people. Ruben, on the other hand, had wholly expected something like this to happen at RMI, because his physical attributes were superior and it was really only a matter of time before he got the attention of someone to whom he was also attracted. What he was doing wasn’t rubbing his luck in others’ faces, because he wasn’t lucky. Nope, Ruben was all skill, and the game was one of power and dominance and just-because-I-can. To label it ‘bragging’ basically undermined the whole tactical nature of it. If Danny couldn’t understand that... well, he couldn’t say that explained anything because it wasn’t much of a surprise anyways, but you know.

He shrugged again, because who needed a wand when they could do what he could without it? But in reality he did care quite a bit about Danny just carrying his wand around, and so after a moment watching the other boy start to walk off, Ruben pushed himself lightly to his feet, picked up his duffel bag once again, and strode after him. With his long strides, the tall Swede easily caught up. “Sure, I will come,” he announced unnecessarily as he drew even with Danny. “Have to make sure that you are telling our fight properly. I need my reputation kept in one piece!” Ruben snickered to himself at the joke. Hearing a whine come from his duffel, he jiggled the strap against his shoulder to rock Synnöve. “Just sleep, ja? You are too small to do anything interesting anyways.”

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    Ruben was obviously missing the point. Dardanius suspected part of this might be wilful misinterpretation. “It's not your business what I do or did with Marissa,” he said calmly, when Ruben asked why ... more
    • And me! - Ruben, Wed Sep 6 22:40
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