Nolan Ramsey
It can’t be that bad
Mon Oct 9, 2017 21:58

Nolan was heading from the Aquila Common Room over to the Pearl Street elevator. He’d taken Myffi up on the offer to have her show him around the place, but now he wanted to do some exploring of his own. The ice cream place had indeed been excellent; Nolan had gotten a maple-flavored one with walnuts and a brown sugar swirl that was warm but didn’t melt the ice cream. He’d concluded that magical flavors were awesome, and he thought he might go back today. They had a sweet corn flavor with honey that promised to be weird and interesting. It seemed like the kind of thing that was worth trying to say you’d tried it, even if it wasn’t good. There was also a tuna melt flavor but Nolan wanted nothing to do with that. Some foods were just too weird.

He was on his way when a girl ripped her bag open on a statue, sending her stuff everywhere. And Nolan was a gentleman, so. “Here, I've got it.” The fourth-year made his left leg cooperate enough for him to squat down and pick up some of the bottles that had rolled away from the other student.

If he was more confident in using his Summoning Charm on small delicate things, he would’ve just tried that. Nolan was used to Summoning bridles and buckets and bales of hay, not tiny glass bottles. All his wandwork was like that; he could levitate things into really precise positions, he could magically tie a few different types of knots (same incantation, different motion), and he did a darn good Scourgify. But outside the realm of spells he could use for ranch work, Nolan was just average with a wand. He’d never needed to Transfigure a hedgehog into a pincushion in real life. Who did? Why was there a spell for it? Had there been someone in history who had too many hedgehogs and not enough pincushions, and instead of doing something actually useful he’d spent time on developing that spell?

Anyway, Nolan picked up the bottles. He’d assumed they were all ink, but it seemed like some of them were makeup too. He didn’t look too closely. It’d kinda be like going through the girl’s purse, even if everything was all out in the open right now. There was a girl in his house, the year above, who’d probably go through anyone’s stuff if she got half a chance. Nolan wasn’t sure whether he liked Heather Bartel, but she was a good person to know if you were a new transfer. She’d told him about pretty much every person in the school, even if he wasn’t sure everything Heather had said was accurate. Probably a grain of truth in all of it, though.

“Here you go,” Nolan said, offering the items to their owner. “Need help fixing your bag? Reparo is one of my specialties.” He said it jokingly, but it wasn’t untrue. Especially when it came to fenceposts. Quint’s dam had a passionate and unwarranted hatred of fences. ‘Course, the fences weren’t the actual boundary for the winged horses—the wards were—but the Ramseys still wanted the fences to look nice.

  • Catastrophe! - Claudia Dubois, Sat Oct 7 09:47
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    • It can’t be that bad - Nolan Ramsey, Mon Oct 9 21:58
      • Time will determine - Claudia, Tue Oct 10 16:01
        The person offering help was utterly unfamiliar. Claudia had heard that more transfer students had joined RMI this year - she was friends with Marley; she heard everything, whether relevant or... more
        • If you insist - Nolan, Wed Oct 11 16:27
          “My pleasure,” Nolan said, touching two fingers to the side of his forehead to mimic a hand salute or tipping a hat to the other student. He didn’t recognize her from classes or the Common Room, so... more
          • No thanks to you - Claudia, Fri Oct 13 05:37
            Claudia stifled a small, frustrated sigh. She was barely over the mortification of having the contents of her stachel spilled out across the corridor, which had sufficiently flustered her that she... more
            • Nolan had been prepared to saunter off down the corridor when the other student apologized to him. He didn’t get it. What was she apologizing for, dropping her stuff? Not like gravity was her fault.... more
              • Then likewise - Claudia, Tue Oct 17 12:26
                The older student stayed longer enough to hear her apology and her introduction. Claudia breathed a sigh of relief as she convinced herself she would have been equality determined to extend good... more
                • As the lady insists - Nolan, Sun Oct 22 03:12
                  Nolan blinked. Why wouldn’t it be proper? Going to Pearl Street in the middle of the day was a far cry from anything indecent. He was new to the school and part of getting to know his classmates was... more
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