Aaron McKindy
Basket of awwwwww
Wed Jan 11, 2017 06:39

With an illegible scrawl, Aaron marked the exam with an E - Exceeds Expectations - before turning it over and putting it aside, revealing the next exam on the pile. It was October, which meant that his first years had just taken their first exam, and they were doing quite well on it so far. There were a few missed connections but on the whole, his beginner students seemed to be grasping the concepts being taught. The practical had been a little rougher, especially on his first years, but the Spellwork professor was not concerned. For a lot of those students, magic was not something they had grown up with and they were still getting used to the idea of things happening when they waved a stick around. For the purposes of simplicity, Aaron had (mostly) refrained from wandless magic in front of his beginners.

Explain the functional difference between the Coresco and Lumos spells, with examples

Lumos is a charm that makes light come from the tip of your wand but Coresco is a charm that -

A knock at the door.

Aaron turned the exam over on top of the stack, obscuring the information on it, and slipped his sneakers back on. He stopped to tug his t-shirt - well, Garen’s t-shirt that he’d kidnapped from the laundry this morning - before going over to the door and pulling it open. The black-haired man blinked in surprise to see his partner there. He wondered if he’d lost track of time again, as he was wont to do. It was their anniversary, but Aaron had thought they would be going to dinner on Pearl Street while Marissa babysat the kids.

Before Aaron could say anything, Garen greeted him with a “happy anniversary” and opened the basket he was carrying which held -

Merlin. It was a kitten.

If Aaron had been holding anything, he would have dropped it. He barely prevented himself from making a thoroughly embarrassing noise out of excitement. The cat, which had its little pink paws up against the side of the basic, meowed at him. It had green eyes and was a silver-gray color, and was whisking its tail back and forth inside the basket. It looked like it might be part kneazle, but Aaron was unsure. Gingerly, Aaron scooped the cat out of the basket, noticing that this cat was female, and held her against his chest. She managed to not claw him while he did that, which Aaron was unused to. Godric hadn’t been the most cuddly of cats, but he had been the one stable thing in Aaron’s life for a long time and the Spellwork professor had been more than a little lost without Godric since he had passed away in August. Jessie had tried to give him a Serengeti Miniature Dragon to replace the cat, with the argument that it was probably less inclined to eat his ankles than the cat had been, but Aaron had ponited out that keeping a dragon at a school was probably less than ideal and after some convincing, Jessie had taken it back to the reserve.

“Thank you so much,” Aaron said, petting the kitten with the hand that wasn’t holding her. His gray-green eyes may have been slightly teary, but the Italian would have denied it if asked.

  • Gift basket for Aaron McKindy! - Garen Tennant, Tue Jan 10 20:48
    Retrospectively, they should have seen it coming, but Godric had been relatively healthy for a twenty-something-year-old cat. One day he had been alive and the next day he hadn’t woken up. It had... more
    • Basket of awwwwww - Aaron McKindy, Wed Jan 11 06:39
      • Awwwwww and cuddles - Garen, Wed Jan 11 14:26
        At Aaron’s reaction to the kitten, Garen’s smile widened. Despite Aaron’s post-Godric claims that he was never going to have another pet again, Garen had been certain the only cure for how much Aaron ... more
        • Cuddles and awwwwww - Aaron, Fri Jan 13 09:30
          Garen kissed Aaron’s cheek, which made him blush a little like it always did when Garen did anything in public. Although nobody was around at the moment, since the door was open Aaron did count it as ... more
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