Time will determine
Tue Oct 10, 2017 16:01

The person offering help was utterly unfamiliar. Claudia had heard that more transfer students had joined RMI this year - she was friends with Marley; she heard everything, whether relevant or otherwise - but hadn’t made any efforts to connect with any of them. Silas had been in the shared lower years’ classes so she knew that he existed, but this student looked older, and had not been in her classes. She would have remembered.

“Thank you,” she said, barely audibly as the stranger handed back her own belongings. Included amongst them was the lipstick she had appropriated from the ball on Christmas Eve, because she’d been hoping to take it up to Pearl Street maybe later on that day to match it with a scarf or cardigan. She still hadn’t dared to wear it outside of her dormitory - it was such a bold, deep purple - but she had tried it, and liked it, a great deal. Because of her comparatively fair hair she felt the need to draw more attention to her darker eyes when she was wearing it, so she had been trialing looks with a black eyeliner she had seen Kaye purchase. The effect was very dramatic, and Claudia wasn’t sure how she felt about using such dark hues, but it was enlightening and often pleasant to discover so many potential avenues for further exploration. It was far less gratifying, however, to have one’s personal belongings distributed unexpectedly across a corridor and to have them handed back by a stranger.

Silently, keeping her head bowed, Claudia began placing her collected belongings back into her bag. It wasn’t designed to be carrying so much, of that she was now certain. It was sky blue brocade (it perfectly matched the fabric of the full-length skirt she was wearing, combined with a white cardigan, beneath her uniform robes) with silver clasp and details, and the blue rope handle had been simply stitched in place. Luckily she hadn’t torn the fabric, merely the thread of the stitchings. Unfortunately that suggested to Claudia the reparo spell might not be the best solution to her current catastrophe. The third year scooped her restocked bag into her arms as she stood back up, examining the damage, partly for genuine benefit, and partly to avoid making eye contact - she thought her cheeks may no longer be flushed with mortification but she wasn’t entirely sure, so hiding them was certainly beneficial.

“I don’t need help fixing it,” Claudia responded, still quietly, a little defensively. Yet she didn’t want to seem ungrateful for his assistance, so she added, “It’s very kind of you to offer, but you needn’t feel obligated.” She could probably mend her bag on her own, if given sufficient time in her room where nobody could witness her failed attempts, otherwise she could send it home to be fixed. Or maybe just throw it away - she had several other bags, and no shortage of funding to buy more if required.

  • It can’t be that bad - Nolan Ramsey, Mon Oct 9 21:58
    Nolan was heading from the Aquila Common Room over to the Pearl Street elevator. He’d taken Myffi up on the offer to have her show him around the place, but now he wanted to do some exploring of his... more
    • Time will determine - Claudia, Tue Oct 10 16:01
      • If you insist - Nolan, Wed Oct 11 16:27
        “My pleasure,” Nolan said, touching two fingers to the side of his forehead to mimic a hand salute or tipping a hat to the other student. He didn’t recognize her from classes or the Common Room, so... more
        • No thanks to you - Claudia, Fri Oct 13 05:37
          Claudia stifled a small, frustrated sigh. She was barely over the mortification of having the contents of her stachel spilled out across the corridor, which had sufficiently flustered her that she... more
          • Nolan had been prepared to saunter off down the corridor when the other student apologized to him. He didn’t get it. What was she apologizing for, dropping her stuff? Not like gravity was her fault.... more
            • Then likewise - Claudia, Tue Oct 17 12:26
              The older student stayed longer enough to hear her apology and her introduction. Claudia breathed a sigh of relief as she convinced herself she would have been equality determined to extend good... more
              • As the lady insists - Nolan, Sun Oct 22 03:12
                Nolan blinked. Why wouldn’t it be proper? Going to Pearl Street in the middle of the day was a far cry from anything indecent. He was new to the school and part of getting to know his classmates was... more
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