If you insist
Wed Oct 11, 2017 16:27

“My pleasure,” Nolan said, touching two fingers to the side of his forehead to mimic a hand salute or tipping a hat to the other student. He didn’t recognize her from classes or the Common Room, so she was probably an underclasswoman (unless she was only taking the classes that Nolan wasn’t in) and probably a non-Aquila.

A glance at her robes, with the Cetus crest, confirmed that. Wearing robes in a corridor was a little unusual for RMI. It seemed like most of the students only wore robes when they had professors who made them, and even then some just took their chances. Or they’d just rather lose points than wear robes. Nolan didn’t blame them; the robes were inconvenient and they didn’t really seem to have a purpose. If all of the staff wasn’t gonna enforce the dress code then why bother having one?

Since Nolan was on his way to Pearl Street Mall, he didn’t have his robes with him. He was wearing a plaid button-down (blue, white, and grey) and black jeans. Normal ones, not the tailored jeans that he wore when he used his forearm crutches, which he had to have sewn shut above the knee so there wasn’t an empty pant leg dangling around. Marilla Ramsey just altered them herself, unless they were a weird material or Nolan needed them to look really good, in which case they took the pants to a tailor in town. But usually when there were formal events he wore the prosthetic, so it didn’t matter too much.

Someone really needed to develop a spell that could convert his normal jeans into tailored ones and back. Or a spell for putting pants on over a prosthetic leg. That would be really convenient. Way more useful than a “hedgehog into pincushion” spell. (The normal process was: put the pant leg on the prosthetic, then put the prosthetic on Nolan, then put the pants on Nolan. He was used to it but he wouldn’t say no to having a faster way.)

She said she didn’t need help fixing the bag, kinda sharply. Alright, well, he was just being polite, no need to get defensive about it. She did acknowledge the offer, so maybe she was just the kind of person who didn’t like people doing her favors. “Suit yourself,” Nolan said, not discourteously, just—well, it kind of seemed like the conversation was over, if she didn’t want help. So he’d just be on his way to Pearl Street, he supposed. “Have a nice day.”

  • Time will determine - Claudia, Tue Oct 10 16:01
    The person offering help was utterly unfamiliar. Claudia had heard that more transfer students had joined RMI this year - she was friends with Marley; she heard everything, whether relevant or... more
    • If you insist - Nolan, Wed Oct 11 16:27
      • No thanks to you - Claudia, Fri Oct 13 05:37
        Claudia stifled a small, frustrated sigh. She was barely over the mortification of having the contents of her stachel spilled out across the corridor, which had sufficiently flustered her that she... more
        • Nolan had been prepared to saunter off down the corridor when the other student apologized to him. He didn’t get it. What was she apologizing for, dropping her stuff? Not like gravity was her fault.... more
          • Then likewise - Claudia, Tue Oct 17 12:26
            The older student stayed longer enough to hear her apology and her introduction. Claudia breathed a sigh of relief as she convinced herself she would have been equality determined to extend good... more
            • As the lady insists - Nolan, Sun Oct 22 03:12
              Nolan blinked. Why wouldn’t it be proper? Going to Pearl Street in the middle of the day was a far cry from anything indecent. He was new to the school and part of getting to know his classmates was... more
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