No thanks to you
Fri Oct 13, 2017 05:37

Claudia stifled a small, frustrated sigh. She was barely over the mortification of having the contents of her stachel spilled out across the corridor, which had sufficiently flustered her that she hadn’t even considered making a proper introduction to the stranger that had helped her. Now she suspected she had given him an even worse first impression than she had already provided by tearing her bag in the first place and, as she had been considering moments before the bag-tearing occurred, Claudia did care what people thought about her, no matter how much she wished that she didn’t. The stranger offered the general platitude of someone parting a conversation, and Claudia realized she had precious little time in which to rectify her damages.

“I’m sorry,” she said, a little louder than before, to be sure that he would hear her in case his departure was hastily executed. She was apologising both for not making proper introductions, despite the undesirable circumstances of their meeting, and for any (unapparent but no implausible) offense she may have caused at defiantly refusing his offer of help, although she stipulated neither. “It makes me uncomfortable being indebted to people I know well, let alone people I don’t know at all,” Claudia explained with a commendable attempt at a smile. She was even able to lift her head sufficiently that eye contact was now a possibility … which turned out to be a grievous error, because it allowed her an unobscured view of the upperclassman; she found the arrangement of his facial features to be not at all unpleasant, and that unbidden opinion was dangerously likely to cause her to blush yet again. As her hands were already occupied with her bag, and therefore she could neither bite her fingernails nor press them into her palms, Claudia was forced to endure her climbing heartrate and warm cheeks with no defenses.

“I’m Claudia Dubois,” she finally introduced herself, a little too breathlessly. “I’m in third year,” she added, because it seemed paramount to express that she was not any younger. She wasn’t especially tall for her age, and neither was she wearing make-up that day (she only wore it outside of her dormitory about half of the time so far, and even then it was usually just her eyes, or her mouth, or her cheeks, and never a full complement), so it couldn’t hurt to clarify that she was not amongst the youngest students in the school.

  • If you insist - Nolan, Wed Oct 11 16:27
    “My pleasure,” Nolan said, touching two fingers to the side of his forehead to mimic a hand salute or tipping a hat to the other student. He didn’t recognize her from classes or the Common Room, so... more
    • No thanks to you - Claudia, Fri Oct 13 05:37
      • Nolan had been prepared to saunter off down the corridor when the other student apologized to him. He didn’t get it. What was she apologizing for, dropping her stuff? Not like gravity was her fault.... more
        • Then likewise - Claudia, Tue Oct 17 12:26
          The older student stayed longer enough to hear her apology and her introduction. Claudia breathed a sigh of relief as she convinced herself she would have been equality determined to extend good... more
          • As the lady insists - Nolan, Sun Oct 22 03:12
            Nolan blinked. Why wouldn’t it be proper? Going to Pearl Street in the middle of the day was a far cry from anything indecent. He was new to the school and part of getting to know his classmates was... more
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