Then likewise
Tue Oct 17, 2017 12:26

The older student stayed longer enough to hear her apology and her introduction. Claudia breathed a sigh of relief as she convinced herself she would have been equality determined to extend good manners even if a stranger werenít so aesthetically agreeable. Hold that thought right there.

Finally the stranger was this no longer, as he returned her introduction with one of his own. Claudia heard the words that he said after his name, but she could not longer focus on them. She recognised the name Ramsey, and it didnít take her long to place him at all. Fratricide amongst families of great wealth or power was, regrettably, not uncommon, but most tried to cover it up so that nobody outside the family was privy to the details. The Ramseys has not been so fortunate, being the subject of more than one discussion at more than one social event Claudia had attended over midterm.

She wasnít sure how to react. She might have blinked a little, but she made efforts to otherwise school her expression to neutrality; it was probably hard enough for Mr Ramsey to endure his own family scandal, as well as its undeniable effect on his own life, without her making an issue of it when their initial introduction had been undesirable enough to begin with. Of course she wasnít sure she should go to Pearl Street with him, either. The chance of anyone recognising either of them and making a fuss was probably minimal, but then Claudia was in an exclusive friendship now with Connor; she didnít know how he would feel if she accompanied somebody else to Pearl Street without mentioning it to him first.

ďI, um,Ē she hesitated, shifting her bag in her grip a little to distribute its weight more evenly over her arm. ďI donít know,Ē she said, trying to gather her thoughts. ďIím sure it would be very pleasant to accompany you,Ē Claudia began, looking at the wall just past Nolanís shoulder, ďIím just not certain, um, how proper it might be.Ē She didnít even know whether she really wanted to go with him. He seemed pleasant - helpful, polite - but she didnít like to spend much time with people she didnít know, especially not otherwise alone, and in a place she didnít know all that well, either. Unless he wanted to go to Veelaís Vanity, Claudia couldnít show him much of Pearl Street with any great personal knowledge.

Claudia kept a firm hold of her bag. She wasnít opposed to letting him fixing it, or trying to fix it, anyway, but she didnít think it was especially fair to let him try and then turn down his offer of an outing.

  • Nolan had been prepared to saunter off down the corridor when the other student apologized to him. He didnít get it. What was she apologizing for, dropping her stuff? Not like gravity was her fault.... more
    • Then likewise - Claudia, Tue Oct 17 12:26
      • As the lady insists - Nolan, Sun Oct 22 03:12
        Nolan blinked. Why wouldnít it be proper? Going to Pearl Street in the middle of the day was a far cry from anything indecent. He was new to the school and part of getting to know his classmates was... more
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